Poland: Catholics fight back agsinst Neo-Nazi Extermination Plan

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8 thoughts on “Poland: Catholics fight back agsinst Neo-Nazi Extermination Plan”

  1. There is a vaccine hub up the road from my house. I call it the human slaughter house. At night with the gates closed. I often thought that someone should vandalize it or something, but alas no one has done so, up to date.

    Ever since this hub came into existence the ambulance sirens are more frequent on the roads than ever before.

    And now even Chemists are offering the vaccines – you just can’t get away from it.

    1. In Catholic Moral teaching it would be lawful to vandalize or burn down such centers, because they are locations of crimes against humanity.

      1. YES! & FULL ABORTED BABY TISSUES!!!!! Any Catholic who takes the job is committing a mortal sin and that is not even a Catholic that is a demonic human being that would do that come to tradition come to the Holy Roman Catholic faith called tradition the Latin Mass!

  2. Please do not be deceived ,it’s provaction masonic operatives ,they want Poland to push into mess .Poland is falling and will be torn by wolf’s ,but it’s said before it will be risen it must be humiliated

    1. It might be a provocateur, you are correct in that assessment. If the government uses it like the burning of the Reichstag, to justify more repression, then most likely that is what it was.

  3. Definitely, it was staged. It was done so obvious that any average-intelligent person would understand it. The natural consequence after this incident in the corrupt media in Poland was labeling by Polish PM those who do not want to take “vaxx” as terrorists.

  4. Everything is called a terrorist attack. If you do anything against oppression or animal or human rights, you are an extremist or a bio terrorist. Those disgusting liars and foot soldiers needs to die now. Are we going to just let them put os in special camps or prisons and fine us to bankruptcy?

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