The real Klaus Schwab comes from a Nazi collaborationist family, and is a Gladio Asset

by Br Alexis Bugnolo

I have written much about the Gladio operation: the CIA post World War II program to political control, manipulate and terrorize Western Europe and the Catholic Church. Now here is the explosive expose of Klaus Schwab, founder the World Economic Forum and leading Guru of the New World Order and Fourth Industrial Revolution: the Great Reset.

This article ties Nazi Germany to the USA, South Africa and Israel, in their post World War II program of international control.

Can anyone say, the Fourth Reich?

And here,

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    First, let us review the ‘official story’:

    “Joseph Alois Ratzinger was born on 16 April (Holy Saturday) 1927 at 11 Schulstrasse, his parents’ home in Marktl am Inn, Bavaria and baptized on the same day. He was the third and youngest child of Joseph Ratzinger, Sr., a police officer, and his wife, Maria (née Peintner), whose family were from South Tyrol.” (1)


    We will focus on the lineage of his mother, Maria Peintner from South Tyrol (now part of Italy). (2) Ethnically and historically the region has very strong Germanic links. Some sources (3) (4) have traced her lineage back to the 16th century, with some rather surprising results:
    (1) Rabbi Yehuda Loew (Leib) ben Bezalel [the MaHaRal of Prague] (c.1512-1609), m. Perla Shmelkes-Reich (c.1516-1610)
    (2) Vogele Loew (c.1556-1629) m. Rabbi Isak Ha-Cohen (c.1550-1624)
    (3) Chava [Eva] Ha-Cohen (1580-1651) m. Rabbi Abraham Samuel Bachrach (1575-1615), Rabbi in Worms
    (4) Rabbi (Moses) Samson / “Simson” / Bachrach (1607-1670), Rabbi in Goding, Leipnik, Prague, and Worms, m. Dobrusch Phobus (c.1610-1662)
    (5) Rabbi Jair Chayim Bachrach, aka “the Chavas Yoir” (1638-1702), Rabbi in Worms, m. Sarah [Dinah Sorle] Brillin (c.1638-1703)
    (6) Rabbi Samson / “Simson” / Bachrach (b. c.1657), wife’s name unknown
    (7) Malka Bachrach (b. c.1680), m. Rabbi Zalman Shpitz, president of Beit Din in Eisenstadt
    (8) Sarl [Sarah] Shpitz (b. 1703), m. Rabbi Jacob Knoepflmacher (c.1700-before 1739), “the master”, “chief rabbi in Mehrin”
    (9) Nissel Knoepflmacher (b. c.1722), m. her father’s youngest brother, Rabbi Moses Knoepflmacher(1718-1798) of Holesov
    (10)Jacob Knopfelmacher (b.1739)m.Katharina (b.1740)
    (11) Joachim Knopfelmacher (b.1764)m. Anna (b.1764)
    (12) Markus Knopfelmacher (b.1786)m. Betty (Babeth/Barbara) Zwillinger
    (13)Josefina (Peppi/Josefa)Knopfelmacher (b.1809)m. Jacob Tauber (b.1811)
    (14) Betty (Elisabeth Maria)Tauber (b.1834 Mahr. Weisskirchen Moravia ) married in 1858 at Rio de Pusteria to Anton Peter Peintner
    (15) Maria Tauber Peintner (b.1855 Rasa d.1930) m. Isidor Rieger
    (16) Maria Peinter Rieger (b.1884) m. Joseph Ratzinger
    (17) Joseph Alois Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI)

    It is important to note that it was common in Bohemia (and elsewhere in Europe) for Jews to ‘convert’ to Christianity for material (not spiritual) reasons. And even to convert back to Judaism when the political and social climate was more in their favor. Many German Bohemians are actually of Jewish lineage. Even if, as in this case, any overt Jewish identity would seem to have been buried for over 200 years.

    The result is a direct line of Jewish ancestry on his mother’s side, making him Jewish, according to accepted Jewish tradition. He is also thus a direct descendant of the Maharal of Prague.

    But…. who is the Maharal of Prague? (5) (5a)

    The Maharal of Prague is:
    “…widely known to scholars of Judaism as the Maharal of Prague, or simply The MaHaRaL, the Hebrew acronym of “Moreinu ha-Rav Loew,” (“Our Teacher, Rabbi Loew”) “.

    He was (literally) a famous wizard. A 16th century Bohemian Rabbi famous for his occult study/writing on Kabbalah.

    And famed for making a Golem (6) which is:
    “… a creature made out of clay… (using) mystical powers based on the esoteric knowledge of how God created Adam…”

    The man-like creature allegedly functioned as an automaton, activated by writing a specific series of letters on parchment and placing the paper in the Golem’s mouth – rather like inserting a floppy disk or CD into a computer. Removing a key letter (or the whole parchment) would deactivate it. Depending on the source one reads, a Golem could be mute or could be able to speak.


    What does all this have to do with Ratzinger?

    The ramifications are many.
    (1) As the Maharal is of the Royal Line of David, so thus is Ratzinger.

    (2) ‘Loew’ is the German word for ‘lion’. Combined with the name ‘Judah’ we have the ‘Lion of (the tribe of) Judah’.

    (3) The Maharal was adept at conveying (and concealing) occult concepts using non occult language. Making evil appear as if good.

    (4) The full name of the Maharal is: Judah Loew ben Bezalel. The final name could be construed as a possible alliteration of ‘Belial’. Interpreted thus, Ratzinger is a ‘son of Belial’, a term occurring in the Hebrew Bible which later became personified as a demon in Jewish and Christian texts. (7)

    (5) However, in a literal translation, ‘ben Bezalel’ (son of Bezalel) has great occult meaning, in the biblical figure from whom Maharal and Ratzinger are descendent (8):

    “Bezalel possessed such great wisdom that he could combine those letters of the alphabet with which heaven and earth were created…”

    (6) Traditionally it is believed that the Maharal’s family descended from the Babylonian Exilarchs (during the era of the Geonim) (9) What Ratzinger is descendent of is VERY ancient (and very evil).

    (1) Early_life_of_Pope_Benedict_XVI
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    Is Rudolf a clue to the seeming ‘hereditary’ Germanic problem with the occult? A precursor to the fabled Illuminati? He was the secular ‘right arm’ of the Maharal and the Holy Roman Emperor.
    (6) Golem
    (7) Belial
    (8) Bezalel
    (9) Geonim

    The M+G+R Foundation

    1. I have seen lineage information for his absolute maternal line. But if we were to accept that everyone with Jewish blood is of the devil, then we would have to conclude that Jesus is of the Devil. So your implicit thesis is satanic, and I hope you repent of that, if you hold it, because you cannot be saved for such blasphemy. As for those who hate the Jews, they work hard at inventing alternate meanings of things. Also, your exposition implies that the grace of Christ cannot convert someone of Jewish Blood, which would imply that Christ Jesus had no true disciples and that therefore the Church was founded by 12 frauds. Which thesis again is heretical. So I hope you see how dangerous it is to spread such lies. Many saints had jewish lineage. That makes a person neither holy nor evil. Its the grace of God that makes someone holy and saves them, gentile or jew. If you hate jews because they are jews, you cannot be a Christian, by definition.

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