August 4, 2021: Bergoglio publicly derided at Ardea Rally

Commentary and translation by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

August 5, 2021: Yesterday, an anti-Scamdemic political rally was held at Ardea, outside of Rome. And again, like days before, here at Rome, Jorge Mario Bergoglio was publicly denounced to the loud applause of crowds.

The Rally, entitled, “Sanitary Emergency? Prospectives for the future”, was held at 8:30 pm on the Lido dei Pini, at Ardea. The principal speakers billed for the event were: Dr. Mariano Amici, M. D., the Honorable Sarah Cunial, Italian Sentator, Attorney Edoardo Polacco, constitutional expert, and the nationally renowned and widely influential writer and commentator, Ornella Mariani Forni.

When it was the turn of Ornella Mariani to address the rally, she surprised the crowd with these opening words (click video above for original Italian):

Yesterday, Victor Orban said, that if Europe does not return to her Christian roots, we are f**ked.

We would be able, in truth, to return to our Christian roots, if we did not have Bergoglio. (loud applause and laughter).  But this is another topic.

At this point someone in the crowd yells, “He is a Communist”.

No, Bergoglio is a pirate. He is not even a Communist! — He is only — He is worse, he is even worse! — A speculator, a Communist: He is a pirate. He is a pirate, who has robbed the title of the Pope, but who is a Liquidator of the people of Christendom. And after that we won’t have anything else.

What troubles us, is that these scum suffer from the “God syndrome”, because these feel that they are themselves members of a Pantheon, which, in my opinion, is a Pantheon of hustlers and bribe-takers. Of scum. Of scum!

It is unheard of in Italy for practicing Catholics to publicly denounce a pope. In fact, its a crime. So in recent days, when public speakers spontaneously and publicly denounce Bergoglio as a fraud, ATTACKING HIS VERY CLAIM TO THE PAPACY, it is a ground shaking development. As Bergoglio lies on his bed of convalescence, it cannot make it any more comfortable for him to be repeatedly attacked for what he really is, on nearly a daily basis.

And what is more surprising is that none of these speakers are known members of the faithful who have declared themselves, as of yet, to be in communion with Pope Benedict XVI.

The clouds are breaking, here in Italy. The Eclipse of the Church and Papacy is ending, as the peoples begins to curse the darkness of 8 long years.

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11 thoughts on “August 4, 2021: Bergoglio publicly derided at Ardea Rally”

  1. I hope the clouds are breaking. Until they publicly declare for Pope Benedict, are they not in essence building on the Recognize and Resisters’ foundational siege on the papacy itself?

    1. Glad to see Mark over at Non Veni Pacem is now following chronologically the editorial line of…

  2. Jorge Bergoglio has been outed as a Crypto Jew, the same as the other members of the N WO with a huge ideological agenda which they have been trying for centuries to attain. Those whose ancestors did not believe Jesus was their Messiah & had Him put to death as opposed to the Jews who did accept him & followed him; the true Catholics of to-day without prefixes,e.g. cultural, neo cons, cafeteria, progressive liberals etc. including schismatics. Why Cardinals accepted a false resignation (not in keeping with canon law) & a false election to the Seat of Peter we may never know in our lifestimes but it has brought devastation to the OHCA Church & they will see Hell for their disobedience & indifference.

      1. The Coverup: Bergoglio’s Jewish Roots by gladstone2, which is a serious Catholic website & their findings should be noted well.

  3. I can’t stop playing this over and over again! It is so wonderful to see the Romans beginning to wake up. Liquidator of the people of Christendom! What a brilliant title for that thief, that pirate, that robber sitting within the Pantheon of hustlers, bribe-takers and scum! Viva Roma!

  4. It seems that with each passing day more and more people are waking up from anesthesia and declaring Bergoglio a pirate and usurper of the white robe in the Vatican.

    Although with more precision the qualification that better fits him is that of BUFFON placed in the false chair of Peter by several mafias of Cardinals – St. Gallen, homosexualists – in pact with sinister and external forces to the Church. Precisely to damage the Papacy and therefore the Church.

    Thank God the Holy Father Benedict XVI, our teacher and guide whose enormous sacrifice takes away the legitimacy of this parody, while allowing the parodists to self-delude.

  5. Thank you so much for posting these and for the translations. I pray more and more people like this will speak out and finally something will happen to set things on the path of Truth. I also pray for our Holy Father Benedict XVI that he can hold on till that day when all will be clear and things put right again. May God Bless Us All and give us courage and strength to stand strong in the fight against all this evil.

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