USA: FDA to formally approve Death Vaxx so that the killing go foward
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8 thoughts on “USA: FDA to formally approve Death Vaxx so that the killing go foward”

    1. Exactly!!! And where the heck is our Republicans to fight for us! This is pure treason when our government isn’t keeping us safe! Yes We The People must Stand Up & Fight for our Freedom, our Rights & our Country! Our Democratic Party along with Dr. Fauci & Bill Gates(eugenics😠) all have their goals set for Control Control Control, Greed & Power & the New World Order! Depopulation & bring in the Immigrates from the Open Borders for cheap labor & election votes!😡 It’s time for Protest like the other Countries for our Freedom & our Choices (No Jab & No Mask)

      1. Yes, but we need organizers….everyone is so lazy here in America….I am in wisconsin…..only about 1/2 vaxxed in my state.

  1. How can we fight mandatory? I guess it’s concentration camps again, modern version quarantine camps.

  2. By knowing the laws in your country, and by being very clever anticipating the opponents strategies in court using the most competent lawyers.
    You can also refuse all the non scientific measures in large groups, and boycott businesses and airports. Refuse to accept and to pay tickets. You can also stop travelling, and avoid anything and any place where they have covid measures. That will put a huge dent in the economy. Don’t be a slave to consumerism and materialistic possessions. Do this in every village, small town, larger cities. It will get noticed. Don’t vote and just shut things down in ways they don’t expect you to do.

  3. I guess that’s why they couldn’t mandate vaccinations or install the digital vax passport program yet…they’re waiting for an official approval of the vaccines. Once its all official then they can force, mandate and install the digital verification systems everywhere. For now people can still fabricate pcr tests and vax status on paper. Soon that’ll be unacceptable documents when its official and digitized.

  4. Brother Bugnolo
    As we who are interested, have been finding out from many sources about the globalists depopulation agenda. It would seem that they are in cahoots with the Dragon families of China. The Chinese even to this day have the largest population on Earth. Despite their barbaric one child policy, with forced abortions. Shouldn’t the globalist be afraid? Because when the Dragon families turn against them (and they will). The other races that they have purposely eliminated (and used in the past) won’t be available to defend this extremely wealthy globalist race.

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