Stachnio interviews Br. Bugnolo on “What do we need to do to defeat Globalism?”

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15 thoughts on “Stachnio interviews Br. Bugnolo on “What do we need to do to defeat Globalism?””

  1. Thank you brother Bugnolo for this good interview. You’re absolutely right regarding orange revolution as the way to start real change. That’s why I didn’t join any protest in my city because I understood this is not going to bring the necessary changes needed. I hope those who are organizers of future public gatherings take your advice seriously otherwise its everybody for himself or herself.

  2. You are right, I felt this times ago, but you remind me it. I live near Rome in a small village, we’re creating a group of people who know less or more about the scamdenic. They are going to demonstrations. And it isn’t useless, they get strength from it. BUT we have to talk to the carabinieri, police and other soldier like people.
    There was a nice under chief of the digos who understood and talked with us of the problems and sadness he had had with his son during the lockdowns.
    That’s humanity. Thank you Alexis.

  3. That was a great interview and very good questions by the interviewer.

    That liberal, heretical Catholics would run out and get the death jab is understandable, but I am curious as to why so many conservative priests and bishops and faithful, who should have known better, went right out and eagerly took the death jab, knowing full well that it was derived from human sacrifice. How could they believe for a second that anything good would come from it? And that they would not be held accountable for such a bad decision? They trust politicians and a media who have been lying and stealing elections for decades. Then they think, oh well, if it really is as bad as certain doctors are saying, God will have mercy and save me.

    My only guess is that it is another rotten fruit of the long John Paul II pontificate and the very strange “Divine Mercy” of Sister Faustina, this heretical devotion to God’s mercy while completely ignoring His justice.

    1. The kind of man who does the right thing in disagreement with his superior, has not be allowed to be ordained a priest in 70 years. So these guys all took the death jab when their superior said so. By that act, they showed an idolatrous subservience, and now they will pay for it with their lives.

  4. Wow! I listened to this interview several times (while ordering supplies, of course). More like this, please. We need to hear the truth. Bless you both.

  5. I am a catholic priest who has been cancelled, like many others in the US, unjustly by a Bergoglio leftist. I have really embraced it as a gift from God to work underground and give the sacraments to the sick in secret. I do masses for the dead and live a hermetical life. I can tell you this, I believe there will be alot more of priests underground because it is Gods will to provide the sacraments you were ordained to. Bishops are totally in the hand of Democrats, babylonian Fauci in the US and this foreshadows their own heads in the guillotine by their flock, whom they have ordered to be vaxxed. Its so incredibly diabolic!!!

    1. Dear Father:
      May Our Lord reward you for your priestly dedication in taking care of the flock, and for embracing your unjust ‘cancellation’ with the spirit of courage and perseverance. May Our Lady, Queen of Angels, protect you always. Be assured that I will pray for you!

  6. Excellent Brother Alexis, thank you.
    Pope Benedict XVI will return to finish his Pontificate in totality. He obviously will be violently opposed by the false Prophet Bergoglio and his ilk. He will go on to his martyrdom as per the Third Srcret of Fatima (Part a).
    As St. Joseph, the last Patriarch had to doe before the Messianic Reign could begin, so too PBXVI must die before Our Lord Christ Jesus can “make all things new.”
    Fr a

  7. Hi. At around footage 27:50 Brother Alexis is telling about the Washington Post admitting that 72% of new Covid cases are of vaccinated people… just please confirm this, are we talking about seventytwo percent or 7 point 2 % ?

  8. Ha, ha !!! Thank you, that’s a QUITE REMARKABLE %, as I hoped it was !!! And yes, all the possible reactions make a lot of sense,,, I have so many examples of friends & relatives who trust the “official medicine” and call me names (complottista, untore, pessimista, etc.) but I can easily imagine how uncontrollably furious might become once their husband / wife / nephews / sons etc. suddenly passed away along and simultaneously with a wave of other VAXX crowd….

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