Australia: Queensland Dictatrix bans all live-streamed Masses from Churches

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8 thoughts on “Australia: Queensland Dictatrix bans all live-streamed Masses from Churches”

  1. Actually, Brisbane is in Queensland, on the eastern coast of Australia.

    All are welcome to join 10:30 TLM streamed from Sydney, Maternal Heart of Mary, Lewisham, by looking for them on Facebook.

      1. They live stream Mass but when I have watched I thought the camera was rather far away from the altar. Seems to be on choir loft. Therefore not intimate enough. Maybe it has changed.

    1. (Hi Meg!). From sydney too. The Parramaata confreres has livestream also. And those under lockdown who attend Mass anyway, pray for all it only takes one legal challenge to end tyranny

  2. This is nuts and insane, who is this lady dictator I wonder? Dr. Jeannette Young will become Queenslands new governor in November, she is a home grown Aussie, The Dictator Of the Full Government There Is Annastacia Palaszczuk, went to University at the University Of London with a Chevening Scholarship, just another Masonic Scholarship. Her father is German/Polish and her mom is also German who moved to Australia when the German Settlers came to Australia. She’s always worked with the Labor “Communist” party there and now leads it.

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