Italy: Vaxx Passports in effect, Aug. 6, but become dead letter on Aug. 12th

by Br Alexis Bugnolo

There has been much talk and fear in Italy since April regarding the so called “Vaccine Passports” or “Green Pass”, a color which has more to do with politics than with sanitary decisions, unless of course by “green” they mean the color they want your corpse to turn as quickly as possible….

The hated Green Pass went into effect on August 6, in virtue of a Decree of the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi — whom Italians affectionately or derisively (I cannot easily discern it) call, “Super Mario”. It will become law IF the Parliament approves it within 60 days, otherwise its provisions retroactively are annulled. But in the mean time the Police will regard it as more important that a Divine Decree, as many tell me, giving me this reason:  “The Decree of the Prime Minister is more important and authoritative since it was passed last week, whereas that law or the Constitution was passed years ago”!

The purpose of the decree is to punish those who oppose the Death Vaxx by depriving them of the civil rights of public assembly, public services, public educational opportunities and cultural events, in order to establish that necessary societal division wanted by every Dictatorship: the party members and the slaves.

The Green Pass is required as of Aug. 6 inside restaurants, bars, museums, and Universities, and on long distance train, and in all meeting halls or conference halls.

The Green Pass shows whether and to what extent you have been Death Vaxxed OR how recently you have submitted to the dangerously invasive, toxic and totally unreliable PCR swab test.

However, the obligation unconstitutionally created by the Decree of Mario Draghi becomes a dead letter, at least on paper, on August 12, when the Decision of the Council of Europe (June 14, 2021), which forbade all use of such passports to discriminate in anyway against anyone, goes into effect. Draghi, scrupulous as he is, even cited the ruling in the recent updated version of his Decree (Art. 9, comma 9).

What will happen on August 12 is hard to say, however, since in Italy the law is no longer what is written on paper, it is what the policeman or irate brainwashed Sanitary Gestapo citizen in front of you wants it to be, in any given moment. For if they claim something is obligatory, you can quote them all the laws and court cases and even give them copies, but that will not change their ire or pathological desire to control and punish you.

Italy has serious problems created by the fact that it is a felony to punch anyone in the face. Otherwise, things would be more easily resolved.  Perhaps this is why Italians admire the American Westerns so much!

Italy is now a full-blown dictatorship. There is no more law. There is only the dictate.  Italians are beginning to realize, that if the government and their fellow citizens can trash the law and Constitutions, then why do they have to continue to observe them?  A consideration which will in short term lead to totally lawlessness.

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2 thoughts on “Italy: Vaxx Passports in effect, Aug. 6, but become dead letter on Aug. 12th”

  1. So Italy is importing all kinds of immigrants are not giving them any shots but once again terrorizing their people Italy is a communist government they’re all power-hungry and it’s really really sad. My Brother in law cannot leave to be with his wife. They have been together 10 years and married for 2 years. Covid is used to control and destroy that is all

  2. There is only mass civil disobedience left. One at a time or en masse, citizens must stop cooperating with draconian “rules”. Everybody carry the law as written in their pocket. Be prepared to make a fuss, which they don’t want. Take a lesson from certain populations now deemed too problematic to mess with. What happens? They leave them alone. Freedom isn’t free, at times people must defend it. Each nation will now have to decide what they are, slaves or free people. No one can decide that for them.

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