An Exposé of the Pilgrim Society’s Role in the Plandemic

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4 thoughts on “An Exposé of the Pilgrim Society’s Role in the Plandemic”

  1. I could be wrong, but following the Brexit vote to leave the European Union in 2016, the result of the Referendum was announced on the 23rd June. After this result things became really strange. Suddenly there appeared on the world stage about Easter time, Monday 15th April 2019, a mass of people protesting calling themselves “Extinction Rebellion”. They held protests in London and brought an area in London to a standstill (and elsewhere) but there was no retaliation by the police, not one MP complained. Moving forward to March 2020 as every one knows Covid-19 just happened. Were the elites under threat from the potential breakup of the European Union? It is looking that way. Did we get Brexit? Most would say in name only. Was the result fabricated? By the way we are not against Europeans or Europe in Britain, just un- elected bureaucrats, making detrimental decisions without any accountability. These bureaucrats have brought this downfall upon themselves, because the people were not heard or even noticed, but they are spiteful, so now the people have a price to pay, it is called Covid. I have read that COVID is an acronym and means Certification of Verification (ID) Identity. So the Vax pass was always planned. Having read a book by Boyd Anderson “Under The Radar 537-555 Trumpence”. Boyd discloses interesting information to say that Brexit was planned in 2008. Could this be true? It casts a shadow over Farage and Trump who were the actors of popular politics. William Guy Carr wrote a book “Pawns in a Game”, and that is what we are. We have to be careful who we follow and who we believe, this is where spiritual discernment will come in. Dr Stanley Monteith MD (deceased) wrote a book “Brotherhood of Darkness”. It is obvious where Covid is heading to a totalitarian control of the survivors non-vaxxed. Japan or the Red Cross will not use the blood for transfusions of those who are vaccinated with the Covid mRNA.

  2. For those unaware, the source of this article, Americans for Innovation is a by product of American intelligence Media, whose founder is an avowed New age FREEMASON, Thomas Paine as well as a “former” intelligence operative. Be careful about how this info, which may be accurate may also steer one away from guilty participants, like Jewish/Protestant Freemasonry!

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