Rabbi Weissman interviews Br. Bugnolo on the Third World War and Fourth Reich

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36 thoughts on “Rabbi Weissman interviews Br. Bugnolo on the Third World War and Fourth Reich”

  1. A very helpful interview.

    A pity about the two (or three) “random” mutes that happened at key points in Br Bugnolo’s narrative.

    In at least one of those (I think the first), it seemed to me that Br Bugnolo was about to “spill the beans” on the meme about the cancellation of Pfizer’s CEO’S trip to Israel, because he is not “vaccinated”.

    1. No, it was the meme, “If Covid is so dangerous why has no one in Congress died of it?”

      1. Well, one Congressman-elect did. His widow won his seat in a special election held in March. Luke Joshua Letlow, R-LA. A Prot in Shreveport diocese. Only 38 or so. Left behind two infant children.

      2. We didn’t censor anything. The mutes were accidental and I asked Brother Alexis to repeat what he had been saying.

    2. It was so interesting to hear that observant Jews recognize that there are atheist Jews (like the banksters) who funded Hitler and are capable of mass murder.

      1. Yes, I think it is a big revelation to all of us Christians. I myself had long wondered if there were any believing Jews any more and I am glad and honored to have spoken with two of them.

  2. Dear Paul, The three mutes were boos boos they were not “random” [meaning INTENTIONAL] sometimes as Freud said “a cigar is just a cigar”. Here watch this rumble.com/vkpps3-this-is-why-they-chose-the-jews-first.html Shalom from Jerusalem, Israel, Lowell p.s. it is an EXTERMINATION INJECTION, not a “vaccine”. PFIZER and the rest of the PIG (Big) Pharma THUG (Drug) Companies are no different from the Nazi German companies that produced the Zyklon B gas and anyone involved in medical mass murder worldwide will end up on trial in Noahide Courts of Justice to be established worldwide by We The People. Also, any corporation profit or non-profit involved in the Fourth Reich’s T-4 program will be shut down, its assets seized and its officers and principal shareholders arrested, imprisoned and put on trial for mass murder ditto as per above (at least this is what Yours Truly would LIKE to see happen and hopes he WILL live to see happen). since WE are the ones being EXERMINATED over here WHY do you think WE would intentionally mute the mike at key points in Brother Alexis’ presentation to “cover up” for Pfizer or anyone else involved in MURDERING us ??? Rabbi Weissman and others in Israel has been “blowing the shofar” about this for months. The Resistance here is growing, but people too many people still have an Idolatry of “government” and “doctors”. That is not going to last very long.

  3. p.s please see Episode Two of our Medical War Crimes seminars where Rabbi Weissman interviews guest speaker Dr. Vladimir Zelenko https://rumble.com/vjsq2p-r-and-b-medical-war-crimes-seminar-2-with-dr.-vladimir-zelenko.html The situation here is that EIGHTY FIVE PERCENT of the adult population (primarily Jews, the Arabs in general have been too smart to take it) is on DEATH ROW, having put an Extermination Injection Gun to their heads and pulled the trigger. As the situation falls apart, our New World Order Globalist Occupation Puppet Vassal Regime will incite the people to attack the un-injected, meaning the “Damned” will be called upon to murder the “Elect”. This is already happening. Three of my neighbors have already called me PERSONALLY a “murderer” (one apologized, but for HOW LONG ???) We are living in World War Z ZOMBIE APOCALPYSE. The Land of Israel is VERY small, the size of New Jersey with the population density of Singapore. It is very difficult here to “escape to the mountains” where will one go ??? To the neighboring Arab Tribes, Clans and Families ??? Europe is BIG, America is BIG. The Land of Israel is LITTLE. It is now an Oversized Warsaw Ghetto in New Nazi Occupied New Poland.

    1. You could leave in the Harpazo event. It will be the only escape possible from what is rapidly coming -and only for those who are watching and praying as our Lord stated.

      “35 For as a snare shall it come upon all that sit upon the face of the whole earth.
      36 Watch ye, therefore, praying at all times, that you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that are to come, and to stand before the Son of man.”. -Gospel of Luke 21:35-36

      There will be nowhere to hide. Not in Israel, EU or America etc… it will make little difference in the long term. The the only escape will be up! Pray that you may be found ready in accordance with Christ’s warning and worthy to escape the time of Jacobs trouble and the coming apocalypse as we leave with Christ as His Bride to the heavens to wait it out with our Beloved.

      1. I disagree. Our Lord said, when the days of tribulations come, those who are in Judea should flee to the mountains. Which the fathers of the Church also interpret spiritually, that in the time of trial we should flee to the solid teaching of the Prophets, Apostles and Saints. But its literal meaning is proven true by another teaching of Our Lord, “If they persecute you in one city, flee to another”. For those who are not right with God fleeing will not help, but for those who are, it is thus, if they follow the indications of His grace and providence, that they can find a refuge. This is also foretold by St. John in the 12th chapter of the Apocalypse, when he says the Virgin will flee with the Child into the wilderness and the earth shall swallow up the deluge which comes forth from the mouth of the dragon. On this passage the Fathers of the Church say that the Woman is both Our Lady and the Church, and the child both Christ and His Faithful. He ascended to Heaven and is now glorified in victory, and the faithful after this trial will become the rulers of the Earth.

  4. Book of Tobit, huh? One of my favorites. Tobit gained the favor of God by ensuring the respectful burial of the dead. Very applicable in this day.

    1. The correct name is the book of Tobias. The book of Tobit is a greek version manipulated by pagans. You can find the book of Tobias only in the Clementine Vulgate or its translations.


    ONLY GOD, ONLY GOD, ONLY GOD, can and will stop this plan of the worldwide extermination of billions of people as is fully discernible for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

    ALL OF THIS has unfolded exactly as it was revealed to us by GOD through the Blessed Virgin Mary, and there remains some several other prophecies to be fulfilled before the hope and promise of the intervention of GOD takes place that will restore the world to a period of true peace.

    GOD has been systematically removed from our cultures and minds to a great degree in the plot and plan of satan which is carried out by his minions in our time and our world. This was the prerequisite to successfully achieving their evil rise in power that is presently approaching the enslavement of all into their system of Communistic Globalism.

    All that is happening has been foretold in the Bible, and we have been warned by the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY in Her repeated visits to earth (Her true apparitions) that we would experience this chastisement if people did not stop offending GOD. To turn away from GOD, to turn away from GOD’S WAY and TRUTH, greatly offends GOD. This also equates to the truthful fact that, in general, many people in our times are NOT rejecting satan and his evil ways.

    This earthly battle today, in which each and every one of us is presently involved, is no less than the battle between satan versus GOD. The stakes could not be higher because each soul must choose of one’s Free Will, the side to which one wants to belong. There is no neutrality, and there is no place to wait it out nor any place to which we can escape.

    This, and only this obedience to GOD’S plan, will usher in the TRIUMPH OF THE IMMACULATE HEART of MARY, which is the expressed WILL of JESUS CHRIST and THE HOLY TRINITY; and then a period of true peace on earth will be given to mankind according to GOD’s promise.

    JESUS has revealed that he wants HIS MOTHER to be honored, and nothing will change on earth until HIS WILL IS ACCOMPLISHED according to His plan and our co-operation in doing our part. Our LORD JESUS CHRIST always fulfills the requests of HIS and our BLESSED MOTHER, Mary. This same GOD who gives us all the COMMANDMENT to Honor our Mother and Father, expects that we HONOR HIS MOTHER as we are each and every one a child created by GOD whose WILL also includes that SHE is our spiritual Mother, and THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN and EARTH.

    GOD’S chastisement is upon us all, and HE is allowing satan through his minions to proceed thus far as it pertains to GOD’S justice and HIS HOLY WILL. Until the time prepared for GOD’S INTERVENTION, humankind must turn back to HIM, obey HIS commandments, and follow HIS PLAN. Remember well that the walls of Jericho would not fall except that God’s PLAN WAS FOLLOWED IN FULL OBEDIENCE ACCORDING TO HIS HOLY WILL.

    Most importantly the true pope must consecrate Russia to the IMMACULATE HEART of Mary in complete obedience to what has been revealed by the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY at FATIMA and related apparitions in HER further visits regarding GOD’S HOLY WILL .

    We must pray our daily Rosary, as we have hopefully been doing or will begin to do, as this has been attested to us through the first hand words of encouragement from OUR BLESSED VIRGIN MARY so many times.

    She, MARY, is the Mother of GOD because She is the Mother of Jesus Who is GOD. Mary is also our Mother in the spiritual sense because JESUS gave Her to us at the foot of His Cross that we might be helped by Her as our ADVOCATE and MEDIATRIX to save our souls and gain Eternal Life through the SACRIFICE of JESUS whose death has redeemed us.

    When we choose to accept the gift of Eternal Life, it is by our docility and assent to ALL the TRUTHS OF FAITH REVEALED BY GOD.

  6. Totally agree with the rabbi! God is the ONLY ONE WHO will fix this mess! And He will not wait until everything is doomed! I am a practicing Catholic and have enjoyed this very enlightening interview. May God bless you all!

    1. Well actually, Our Lady is going to fix this mess, as was foretold at Fatima. Because God wants to glorify the Mother of His Son.

  7. It is a crusial and important turning point of us.

    We pray Rabbi Weissman can shared this material for all Jews around the world. All God’s children must aware this situation and respond it.

  8. Brother, there was a section of this program where you talked very quickly about what you said was a plan of the elite (not sure if this was Pilgrim Society, Skull & Bones, Masonic lodges, or all??? or???) to “come back” in a hundred years — and where you said they specifically cited 2019. Wasn’t sure what it was that they wanted to “come back”? (from what and to what?) It sounded like you said “to come back as a (religion??) in a hundred years,” and then in this same context you said that the Nazi Party was founded in 1919, and so that date was also connected to the 100 year scenario you discussed.

    I am having trouble putting all of this together, and it seems that this is some significant information. Can you flesh this out a little for us, or perhaps you already have an article that details this? And was this info. learned from Anthony Sutton? I follow as much as I can, but if you’ve spoken of this somewhere, it looks like I have missed it. thank you!

    1. I was just referring to the quote attributed to Hilter in the last months he was in the bunker in Berlin, in which he said, to one asking, “What will become of the Nazi party?”, He said that it would return in 100 years, but not as a party, rather as a religion.

      1. Who was Hitler really? I have read articles that claim he was the illegitimate son of a Rothchild.

      2. No, he was the illegitimate son of a Jew, according to different sources, but not a Rothschild.

  9. Dear Friends in Rome and Worldwide,

    Glad to hear from all of you your heartfelt thoughts. After This Ancient Israelite Autist left my two comments (or was it three ???) yesterday he thought, don’t leave this Train Of Thought without ending up in the Dining Car for the Feast of Leviathan (Messianic Banquet) “The Leviathan specifically is mentioned six times in the Tanakh, in Job 3:8, Job 40:15–41:26, Psalm 74:14, Psalm 104:26 and twice in Isaiah 27:1” (Wikipedia is NO GOOD but if the subject is not on their INDEX they can be a reliable source of information), meaning don’t leave Train of Thought without a POSITIVE and UPLIFTING Bible Based Message. So here it comes in installments …

  10. Dear Brother Alexis in Rome and Friends Worldwide,

    Daniel 2:44

    This Ancient Israel Autist’s Comments on text in Brackets (I tried sending this before with text in both Aramaic and English but it did not go through so I am sending it again with the text in English click on the link and you can see the Aramaic)

    “And in the days of those [Satan/Lucifer his Demons and Fallen Angels Earthly Serfs Slaves and Servants Nephilim Nimrodian Nazi Failing Fourth Reich ‘New World Order’ (Old World DIS-Order) Refeudalizing Globalist Dictatorship George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ One Percenter PIGS Demonically Possessed Narcissistic Psychopathic Sadists and Satanists]
    kings shall the God of Heaven (God Of Israel) set up a kingdom (Fifth Israelite Monarchy of the King Messiah/Melech HaMashiach), which shall NEVER be destroyed; nor shall the kingdom be left to another people; it shall BREAK IN PIECES AND CONSUME all these kingdoms, but it shall stand FOREVER”.


  11. Awful that the IDF won’t stand with their own people, against the Tyranny.
    Would hope that the military all over the west would protect the freedoms of their own peoples against the Globalists.
    Anyway very interesting interview…
    GOD Help us All..

  12. What do they think about Trump who continuously demands credit for the “extermination injection” and even declared himself the “father of the vaccine”? Haven’t Israelis practically worshipped the man?

    1. Dear Charmaine,

      It is POSSIBLE that when President Trump says we had the “VACCINE” he is referring to the ZELENKO PROTOCOL of last April, 2020 with HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE (of which I am proud to state that it’s “parent” CHLOROQUINE was discovered in 1934 by South Tirolean Scientist Hans Andersag – This Ancient Israelite Autist’s Extended Family comes from North Tirol: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_Andersag).

      The Extermination Injections were NEVER “vaccines”. Nor were they intended to be. Nor is the “test” a test, don’t let ANYONE stick that poisoned sword up your nose.

      President Trump’s comments have been VERY ENIGMATIC. He has consistently said that no one should be forced to take these INJECTIONS and that they should NOT be given to children, and that we had the “vaccine”.

      As Brother Alexis said in our program, the people who took the injections are mainly people enslaved to their New World Order Globalist Masters who do not want to be free. Yes, more and more regret now having taken it. People were subject to terrible financial and psychological pressures. All true. Nevertheless, some like Our First Mother Eve TOOK the “apple” from Satan’s Scientists and some did NOT.

      I KNOW what a vaccine is. I got for over thirty years monthly injections since age four of — was it a vaccine ??? something to build up my resistance to asthma and allergies, which I began to show signs of at age four. Is that a vaccine ??? Anyway, I got these injections for at least THIRTY years. Did they work ??? Or did the allergies and asthma mostly pass as I got older ??? I don’t know.

      Dr. Zelenko will now host starting next week a weekly R&B Medical Fellowship seminar, to begin on Tuesday, August 17th, 2021, 3-4 pm Jerusalem Time (that is 2-3 pm Rome time).

      Dr. Zelenko has also agreed to chair our new Root and Branch Association Medical Fellowship. The purpose of the Fellowship is to participate in the worldwide transition from Moloch Mengele Mass Murder “medicine” produced by Satan’s Scientists and the Devil’s Doctors to the Medicine of the Emerging Messianic Era (please see Daniel 2:44).

      As we read in Yehezkel/Ezekiel 47:9:

      “And it shall come to pass, that every living creature wherewith it swarmeth, whithersoever the RIVERS [that flow out from under the Holy of Holies/Kadosh Kadoshim in the Third and Final Temple of Jerusalem — please see Ezekiel chapters 40-48] shall come, shall live; and there shall be a very great multitude of fish; for these waters are come thither, THAT ALL THINGS BE HEALED AND MAY LIVE whithersoever the river cometh”.

      and in verse 47:12:

      “And by the river upon the bank thereof, on this side and on that side, shall grow EVERY TREE FOR FOOD, whose LEAF SHALL NOT WITHER, NEITHER SHALL THE FRUIT THEREOF FAIL; it shall bring forth NEW FRUIT EVERY MONTH, because the WATERS THEREOF ISSUE OUT OF THE SANCTUARY; and the FRUIT thereof shall be FOR FOOD, AND THE LEAF THEREOF FOR HEALING'”

      Hebrew-English Text here:

      Here is Dr. Zelenko’s recent testimony before a Court of Rabbis in Jerusalem (i think last week):


      ZOOM LINK for our weekly upcoming program with Dr. Zelenko:


      Shalom to the Eternal City of Rome from the Eternal City of Jerusalem, Lowell

      Tuesday, August 10th, 2021
      Yom Shlishi (Third Day), 2nd Day of Eleventh Month (“Elul”), 5781

      p.s. “when in Rome do like the Romans”. of course most important is to BE good. however, LA BELLA FIGURA, it is also important to dress good and conduct ourselves with class and courtesy like Italians as brought up to do (like the recent courteous interchange in the Italian parliament … ): https://www.lagazzettaitaliana.com/history-culture/9151-la-bella-figura-the-italian-way

  13. @Chananya Weissman, @Lowell Joseph Gallin
    Gentlemen, I did not think for one second that either of you, or Br Bugnolo were censoring!
    Let me just say that my own experience with Skype, Zoom and similar videoconferencing and indeed other technologies over the past years is that they seem to “glitch” at critical moments. It happens to me during online Bible studies and prayers, especially.
    A passage in the New Testament may explain this –
    From the Apostle Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians, chapter 6, verses 10-12, particularly verse 12:

    10 Finally, brethren, be strengthened in the Lord, and in the might of his power.

    11 Put you on the armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the deceits of the devil.

    12 For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.

    Thank you for having Br Bugnolo as a guest on your call.

  14. FYI, I was not able to listen to the conference after 24:16 (minutes:seconds). I appreciate the comments of those that posted, because it gave me some idea of the rest of the video/ talk. Any way, thank you for the effort to have and carry the discussion. For those that were able to hear the whole segment, you were lucky. Thank you.

  15. Dear Brother Alexis, Friends of Brother Alexis and Friends of the God, Land, Torah and People of Israel Worldwide,

    1. Don’t think because you don’t hear from me right away that I am not reading what you write and thinking about what you say.

    2. Brother Alexis and Rabbi Chananya are Very High IQ, fear the God of Israel, think, write and speak very well and, as General Stonewall Jackson said about his approach to War, “Be the Fustus with the Mostus” (get there first with the most troops and wipe out the enemy). In Our End of Days Spiritual War Brother Alexis and Rabbi Chananya are among “the Fustus with the Mostus”: They write and publish at tremendous speed (and it’s all brilliant).

    3. This Ancient Israelite Autist TURTLE moves much slower that the Spiritual Speedy Gonzalez. He moves SLOWLY but he does MOVE. So eventually he will respond to your heartfelt comments, there are so many of them !!!

    4. For TODAY (Gregorian – Thursday, August 13th, 2021 — Hebrew-Israelite Fifth Day, Eleventh Month (“Elul”), 5781, into Yours Truly’s Mind comes this verse from the Prophet Ovadiah:

    Thus Says The God Of Israel/Ovadiah 1:21

    “And SAVIOURS shall come UP on Mount Zion to JUDGE the Mount of Esau [Bolshevik/Nazi New World Order Globalists]; and the Kingdom shall be the LORD’s”.

    Hebrew-English Text: https://www.mechon-mamre.org/p/pt/pt1601.htm

    This Ancient Israelite Autist, like all Autists, will tell you what he SEES in him mind, which may or may not be true, and may or may not be what you want to hear — The Proverbial Little Boys who from the Beginning of Time have told the World’s Emperors when they have no clothes that they have no clothes).

    It SEEMS to Yours Truly that the SAVIOURS (“moshi’im”) referred to by the Propphet Ovadiah MAY include Brother ALEXIS, Rabbi CHANANYA, Archbishop VIGANO and Dr. ZELENKO (among other Brave Men and Women of FAITH).

    What a privilege to get to know such Great Men and Women, for all of us.

    That’s it for today.

    Now, may I ask you to consider listening to UPLIFTING MUSIC — very important to fight the Final Battles of the Lord in Our End/New Beginning of Days:

    “Gregorian Chants in Latin Sung by Monks of the Abbey of St Ottilien”

    Boker Tov (Good Morning) and Shalom to The Eternal City of Rome from the Eternal City of Jerusalem,


  16. Here many are confused. While it is true that we should not deceive, we are not obligated to answer a question based on a lie to get us to affirm a lie or submit to a lie. In such cases, the non factual representation we make to such a person, is intended to prevent them from committing a sin, and is not to deceive them from the truth but to lead them away from a sin. Thus it is not a lie by definition, even if materially it does not correspond to what a pharasee might say. Thus if someone asks if you were vaccinated, and you were vaccinated in your youth, you can say I was, and let them think you took the death Vaxx. And if they ask the brand, you can say, I do not know, or if they name a specific brand, you can say It could be, since any of the old vaccines were made by companies which might be owned today. In common parlance you are lying, but in truth you are telling the truth. Because common parliance defines the lie merely as submission to the categories of the questioner. Thus, Jacob said that Rachal was his sister, because she was his cousin, when asked if she was his wife, and the Fathers of the Church said he did not lie, because if he had said she was his wife, they would have murdered him, which is a worse sin that fornication. — In technical terms, this is not lying, but responding with mental reservation. Professional liars who attack the Catholic Church say that in this we approve of lying, but it is rather they who lie in accusing us of this.

    1. What you say is true, But Our Lord called Herod a vixen, which could be considered both a lie and false witness. So you see, you need to measure His teaching by His example. When Pilate asked him if He was a king, His response was: If I was a king my disciples would fight for my release. Which some might think is a denial of being a king, and thus a lie, because as God He is king. So much of the understanding of what another persons says, is in the mind of the accuser. To lie is for some, and always, only to deceive. But to lie is for others materially not to respond sincerely to the question asked, because the question asked is asked for evil ends. Thus, when I say in the video above, to lie to those who are asking if you are vaxxed, I mean it in this latter sense. If you want to condemn me for using in the former sense, then it is you who violate the Decalogue by accusing me falsely.

      When a Christian is asked by a judge or policeman seeking to persecute Christians, then we must answer with sincerity even if it means our martyrdom. The same if someone asks if we believe in God or any biblical truth. But if someone asks if we are vaxxed we are not so strictly bound, as I have said above.

  17. As I said already several times, I did not mean “lie” in the narrow protestant sense you have. I meant in the sense of Jacob who said that Rachel was his cousin. When speaking in public, I use common words. We do not call this a lie in technical language. It is called a mental reservation. Because if someone asks you a question you can respond with a memtal resveration if they have no right to know (Is mr so and so home today? No [because he is not home to receive persons such as yourself]) or with a diversion (Are there any jews in this house? No, [there are none in this house, but here are some under the house in the basement, or over the house in the attic, or in the backyard etc..]) or a statement which they would consider a lie, but is misleading (Are you a enemy of the state? No {because I am not just any, I am a chief one})

    So, as I have explained this before, I ask you to apologize for saying I have advocated sinning. The commendment of God is Thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor. It does not read, thou shalt not lie.

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