16 thoughts on “How long will those who were Vaxxed with Graphene Oxide live?”

  1. I get a big time BS alert with this story, hummingbird soup?
    I’m not doubting the effects of that chemical but this story sounds fake, also if you google this supposed doctor you can’t find his name except related to this story.

      1. I’m aware the family names exist, does the doctor himself exist, if so where is he based? Just trying to fact check a bit. It’s important to discern, be wise as serpents and gentle as doves, there is a ton of disinfo out there, I’m not accusing you of circulating disinfo or anything like that, hardly, I’m just fact checking who the character in this story is and can’t find anything on him. A prominent researcher or doctor might certainly have his name associated with universities, research studies, etc.

  2. His last line about freemasonry is chilling.

    They get away with it because they placed freemasons into prominent positions in the media, both secular and Catholic, to control and neutralize potential opposition.

    At this point, if any prominent Catholic journalist or podcaster, no matter how conservative or opposed to Antipope Bergoglio he pretends to be, is still referring to him as a legitimate “Pope Francis,” he is an obvious freemason, e.g. Taylor Marshall, Michael Voris.

    Look at their biographical timelines and see how suspicious they are: Convenient conversions, a mysterious access to capital, and academic degrees right at the time Obama came to power and he and Hillary Clinton hatched up the plot to depose Pope Benedict.

  3. Opus Dei is obviously a form of ecclesiastical freemasonry and Taylor Marshall is Opus Dei.

  4. Getting rid of all so called “useless eaters” ..oh they mean all the talent in the arts such music and literature, and you name any craft….
    useless eater to my mind is anyone who sponges up the wealth from off the back’s of others, e.g the elite.

    1. Thank you Steven for the info, though I don’t know why anyone would doubt that a person like that exists? Evil is everywhere and these low profile evil creatures exist and operate in the darkness, they don’t want to be known by the public for fear of their lives.

    1. Well researched, thank you. You have linked the dots very well.
      If it’s ok, I would like to forward what you have found to my family.

  5. To John:

    FYI: I used DuckDuckGo dot com to search and used the following: “ bio Milo Canderian phd” and got many links other than fromrome dot info.

    So might try another search engine.

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