6 thoughts on “The Silence of the Quandts regarding their Crimes Against Humanity in WWII”

  1. The Catholic Albrecht family (Aldi Trader Joe’s) make the Quandt family seem middle class by comparison. Forbes estimated net worth $53 billion vs. Quandt $15 billion.

    1. Seeing that the founders of that fortune were teenage boys working in a supermarket, there is no comparison as regards participation in War Crimes.

      1. Agreed, just fact checking the video, it says the Quandts are the wealthiest family in Germany, I’m correcting the record,

  2. Drilling down on the video to Youtube I notice it was published 8 years ago, didn’t notice that while watching on your site. The Quandt’s may well have been the wealthiest family in Germany when this was made. Not an enemy or purposeful antagonist (troll) Brother B. just in my nature to scan through all the data I’m seeing.

    1. I often publish old videos which give important historical context, and you need to be aware of that, since I do not give notice when I do.

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