The Spanish Flu was actually the result of a disastrous Vaccine campaign

Click the image above to go to a website with numerous links to original documents and histories of the Spanish Flu.

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4 thoughts on “The Spanish Flu was actually the result of a disastrous Vaccine campaign”

  1. It was developed by the Rockefeller Institute.
    These sick and evil people must be exterminated.
    Look at Bill Gates popping up again. Once he gets a stupid lightbulb moment, he can’t let go of it. He wants to eradicate common cold and flu now. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. We need germs and viruses to strengthen our immune-system . This is the same idiot that wanted to block the Sun. 196 countries said no to that idiots plan. He also wants to develop, or is already developing, this disgusting and unnatural synthetic meat. That crap will also kill people. The man is nothing but a mad eugenics whack job. He really needs 1 litre of graphene oxide injected into his brain asap.

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