Protesters against Vaxx Passport, at Bergamo, charged with Seditious Assembly

Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The government of Mario Draghi has taken the next step toward ideological Dictatorship, with the public charges against the Anti-Vaxx Passport protesters at Bergamo, for the crime of participating in a seditious assembly. The maximum penalty is 1 year in prison.  Seditious assembly in Italian law is still defined by the Fascist code, where any meeting with more than 9 persons, which is convened for the purpose of expressing or planning rebellion, revolt or unwillingness to submit to the Government of the Republic is considered seditious.  A definition which is so vague as to make any assembly in which disagreement with the Government is expressed capable of being so classified by the State Police  or Carabinieri.

In political terms, this is a declaration of nuclear war. Draghi will no longer tolerate any public dissent.

Whatever his supporters may call it, in other nations that is called a Dictatorship.

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3 thoughts on “Protesters against Vaxx Passport, at Bergamo, charged with Seditious Assembly”

  1. “Draghi will no longer tolerate any public dissent.”
    Draghi, Francis & supporters of this evil Apostate together with NWO elites must be warned that God will not tolerate their dissent from His Word. His followers have had enough & now is the time for them to realise their plots are going to backfire on themselves & their families. All assets belonging to these satanic vipers must be forfeited to rebuild the churches, homes, schools they have desecrated & compensatioon to those suffering souls they mutilated. Planned Parenthood razed to the ground, their evil laboratories neutralised. They all must be charged & sentenced, in the name of God, for Crimes against Humanity as it is His Word that will be done now & forever. Amen.

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