Fauci: Now is the time to eliminate personal freedom, Forced Vaccinations are required

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6 thoughts on “Fauci: Now is the time to eliminate personal freedom, Forced Vaccinations are required”

  1. I would rather say the time has now come for the complete elimination of the entire NWO elites who are openly & defiantly forcing the genocidal annihilation of mankind with the support of secular world governments & the Vatican. Self defence has always been permitted in the OHCA Church & if this isn’t such a time for that to be carried out then when is.

  2. I hope I’m not being picky, or obtuse, or taking you literally when you don’t mean to be. And the danger here is in no way lost on me. But isn’t there a distinction between ‘forced’ and ‘mandated’?

    Isn’t it generally understood that ‘forced’ injections bring to mind physically restraining someone and injecting them, whereas ‘mandated’ injections are just a threat – ie ‘Comply or lose your rights”?

    Again, I’m aware of the danger of the threat, or ‘mandate’.

  3. The trouble is that the innoculators don’t discern between your right to refuse without the implied threats being carried out, & of course they will be. Reports of huge numbers of cases of sick, old & vulnerable people being being injected against their will in hospitals & care homes in compliance with the scamdemic orders (think New York under Cuomo) & also UK, Netherlands etc. Open borders have caused havoc with our health & education systems & the loss of jobs with the consequence of more reliance on social security has given these N WO elites the opportunity to demand a culling of the world’s population. They see us as useless eaters & have long wanted to replace us all by robots.

    1. I know all that. None of what you say negates the fact that the headline for this article is misleading. But if more people prefer hyperbole to correct use of quotes, then fine – how about ‘Fauci recommends forced abortion’, since we know the injection causes miscarriages.

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