11 thoughts on “The MKUltra Project to Instill Mass Psychosis to enact the Great Reset”

  1. Until they give us the truth about how they swindled the results of the recent American Presidential Election by using demonic Dominion voting machines in order to gain power by false means & how they usurped the Throne of Peter from a sitting & valid Pope Benedict, their psychological attempts to introduce the NWO Great Reset are doomed. The world is at last waking up to the Satanic mind-set of these evildoers & want rid of them. The victory will be Christ’s, the BVM’s & their adherents.

  2. Brother Bugnolo,
    I think you should remove this video. It quotes Carl Yung, who promoted a false new age worldview. Never once is God mentioned. At 18:33, “Truth” is depicted as a Masonic all-seeing eye, with symbols including the occult yin-yang, crystal, and broken cross. At 21:17 – what’s with the creepy all-seeing eye with angel wings? This video is a huge miss. I bet it was created by a Freemason.

    1. This video tells a lot of truth, even if from an atheistic or agnostic point of view. It never faults God or the Christian faith. And as always, id do not post videos from non Catholics to approve of non Catholic ideas, but to show that the truth we all see about the Scamdemic can be denounced on the basis of truths known by all men, it is so obvious.

    2. I agree, Sandra, as only The Ordered Communion Of Perfect Life-affirming And Life-sustaining Salvational Love, The Most Holy And Undivided Blessed Trinity, can Transform us and Redeem us.

      What good is the ability to make a diagnosis if you do not desire to offer the only remedy guaranteed to cure the disease?

      Christ Has Revealed, Through His Life, His Passion, And His Death On The Cross, that Perfect Life-affirming And Life-sustaining Salvational Love, Is desiring Salvation for one’s beloved.

      It is up to all of us to either accept or reject God’s Gift Of Grace And Mercy.

      Perfect Love does not divide, it multiplies, as in The Miracle Of The Loaves And Fishes.

      1. Nancy, your view of God is not the Catholic one. The Catholic one teaches us that Perfect Love created Hell and the eternal division between the Elect and the damned, and that Perfect love will send all liars to Hell…

  3. The point of non Christian sources for truth is that the truth is written within our very DNA. We believe the lies we believe because of fear/choice. But truth comes from God, and those who seek the truth, will ultimately find Him. My daughter was an atheist, and what drove her from atheism is that for all their talk about truth, they didn’t actually believe any sort of truth. They believed in themselves as gods, but they weren’t actually looking for truth.

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