USA: Military to be converted into Nazi Globalist Force to suppress American citizenry

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2 thoughts on “USA: Military to be converted into Nazi Globalist Force to suppress American citizenry”

  1. Dear Brother,Today we have been sent a letter where The Archbishop of Sydney has advised priests to get vaccinated and also tell their parishioners to get vaccinated! We feel he has succumbed to pressure from a the NSW government who is coercing the people to get vaccinated.They are bringing in an extra 500 military to oversee this process as well as the riot squad!As we are all being good citizens and staying at home we are overcome with WHY? The Archbishop claims that he is supporting POPE Francis’s view on vaccinations.Is His Holiness aware of the effect of what he has said? Does he truly suggest vaccinations should take place under military effect> Businesses have been shut for 2 months. People here do not want Communist /Tech/Globalist rules. Tell His Holiness that all churches are shut while brothels are open 24 hours a day.Is this the way he wishes OUR God to be taken out of our lives? On this feast of St Maximillian Kolbe I ask you to ask Him to reconsider his long held world view!

    1. The truth is that there is no holiness about Bergoglio, he is a puppet of the new world order. Ignore your Archbishop’s Order, and if that means you can no longer go to your parish, do not go. There is no authority in the Church which can tell you to commit suicide or idolatry.

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