Dr. Zelenko: The Pandemic is an international Genocidal Scam which will kill 75-90% of Vaxxed

The natural supplement Dr. Zelenko speaks of is Quercitin, which is found in these common foods (see here and here): red and yellow onions, kale, broccoli, cherry tomatoes,  capers etc..

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16 thoughts on “Dr. Zelenko: The Pandemic is an international Genocidal Scam which will kill 75-90% of Vaxxed”

  1. Wonderful interview of Dr. Zelenko. I am so grateful to Stew Peters for this amazing presentation!

  2. Echinacea herb will build the immune system up to work properly and will normalise the immune system storm please this is important herbalism is the best way to help the vaccinated as well… Gingko will help keep the blood flow to prevent clots stopping flow… Other herbs can reduce the spike proteins please understand its our only way for 100% help…. Agrimony and ground ivy dries up and heals cancer… Red clover blossom tea helps cancer to stay away… Keemo is not good…

    1. You must not wear mask as the immune system needs oxygen to fight the pathogen growth which doubles if masks are worn… They know this….. 2015 the Rothchilds were found to have parented the Test for C19 so they knew then what they were going to call this…. This is all staged rehearsed and now being played out on the world stage… WAKE UP AND ARREST THEM ALL NOW

      1. You brought up an excellent point, Brigitta. Since the spike proteins and prions containing graphene oxide is waging a bioweapon battle to deplete your heart, lungs, brain and blood of oxygen, what more sinister way did the genocidal globalists have to kill you faster than to enforce mask mandates, which cause the body to die quicker from HYPOXIA, HYPOXENIA, and HYPERCAPNIA. It is all orchestrated to kill you quicker and more efficiently.

      2. Queen Brigitte Anna Fazekas, sending you ❤, respect, honor and a lot of gratitude. I am very grateful for intelligence human being like you. I gave up trying to educate people on the dangers that this covid19 pose to them. I stated in the beginning that ignorance was more dangerous and deadly than covid19. I have 10 negative tests results and five negative antibodies tests results and I’m immune compromised. Covid19 is a business and not a health pandemic or threat to humanity. I took the coronavirus test to challenged blacks males street doctors. I’m sick of people making medical diagnosis on me in the public and Muslims community members stressing to take the vaccine. I will not submit to this satanic poison. I’m not accepting anything that’s they’d are saying. Bloomberg, the Rothschild’s and government Constructs and health care practitioner’s should be arrested and executed outright

  3. Dr Zelenko can also be found on Kerry Cassidy’s Project Camelot whereby he is speaking to Rabbis in Israel about the same kill shot.

  4. Of course designed years ago to make sure they are always many steps ahead of oue push back…. We have to get ahead of them with the counter stradegy that beats this kind of take down so get studying and act quickly I can’t do this alone

  5. Genesis 2.7 “then the Lord God formed the body of man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being”. Since the scamdemic began they attacked our God given right to breath with mask wearing. I heard somewhere that to resuscitate an unconscious person since Covid began a cloth must cover the face, that will really enable breathing! Also Dr Vernon Coleman has said that wearing masks causes lung cancer. Living humans have to breathe, but robots don’t. “Doctors” are becoming technologists using AI computer systems to treat patients. So if a person breathes out carbon dioxide (which we must), a gas that the globalists want to reduce, it really dove tails very conveniently with their agenda on climate change to depopulate the Earth.

  6. ‘Ubermensch’ or ‘Superman’ is a concept from Frederic Nietzsche 1844-1900 rather than Immanuel Kant 1724-1804. I believe the guest, Vladimar implied such. Otherwise an excellent interview. The Satanic 10,000 will fall.

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