Lithuania: Brutal Gestapo Attack on rights of non-Vaxxed population underway

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2 thoughts on “Lithuania: Brutal Gestapo Attack on rights of non-Vaxxed population underway”

  1. Horrible indeed, especially when it all is about such a tiny country! Of note, however, is the author’s phrase “The Soviets backed down”. I do understand Baltic people’s being irritated by everything linked to the Soviet times, and I myself have never been an admirer of those. The thing is, nonetheless, that vaccination has NEVER EVER been anything of a Gestapo kind during the Soviet era. People did have a set of jabs as a part of the protocol. They did not ask any questions but no incarceration or segregation followed toward the non-vaccinated. By the way, the list of vaccines shot to the USSR citizens was much, much shorter than that in every ex-Soviet country today. Interesting.
    No, the Gestapo actions going on right now have nothing to do with the Soviet “immunisation” practices (needless to say that any vaccine of any time has nothing to do with immunisation). They are much worse and have hardly been seen anywhere (except for, perhaps, the smallpox vaccination campaign in the UK in the late 19th century). God bless the Lithuanian protesters…

    1. Today marks the remembrance of World WAr 2 and its end in the Pacific. Have these mindless people not learnt anything from History.Leave Lithuania alone.It underwent great trauma during that last war.

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