Zimbabwe: Archbishop of Harare effectively decrees murder of entire Catholic population

So the next time someone tells you, that it does not matter who the pope is, respond by asking:

“So how many Nazis, Satanists and Freemasons are in your family?”

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8 thoughts on “Zimbabwe: Archbishop of Harare effectively decrees murder of entire Catholic population”

  1. I’m convinced that 97% of our prelature are possessed by demons. The Vatican & Episcopates should be exorcised, even though Fr. Ripperger said exorcism lost most of its power since the liturgy was changed to the vernacular.

    1. When I saw that photo of Antipope Bergoglio embracing that Rwandan who went on try to burn down the Nantes Cathedral and murder the priest, I wondered if he become possessed through contact with him.

    1. Well you need a priest or its not a mass….but otherwise you are correct. The people need to go into the bush and start praying apart fro their loony Archbishop who is a nazi.

  2. That this episcopal see is styled the Archdiocese of Harare in Zimbabwe rather than the Archdiocese of Salisbury in Rhodesia speaks volumes about who controls the ecclesiastical structures there.

  3. I don’t see any difference between this letter and the letters coming out in my US diocese. They just take whatever the government says and regurgitate it. Puppets of the government, beholden to their tax status as not for profit organizations. Take the tax status out of the equation we might get a different response. It’s been this way for quite some time, the churches as government controlled tax shelters. Untold millions in tax free real estate is what this is really all about. And a group of ‘men’ at the top, without enough real ones to sell the buildings like normal men do when they can’t afford their homes. I did some research this weekend about the palatial homes of many of the bishops in the US. They should all be sold off, all of them, none of these men should be living off of Church property; there is plenty of it with plenty of living space. The same goes for parish priests maintaining their own homes. I was shocked when I first found out about their lifestyles as a new convert. This isn’t a Catholic Church any more. Hasn’t been for a very long time. It’s Catholic in name only. The real Church vacated the scene, all that’s left of it in the buildings is Jesus in the Eucharist. A couple more years Jesus will be kicked out too.

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