Orthodox Priest: 12,000+ reasons why I refuse the Vaxx


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9 thoughts on “Orthodox Priest: 12,000+ reasons why I refuse the Vaxx”

    1. Yes, I have never heard an Orthodox use such a term. It’s really rich of them to cherry pick scripture and then call us Protestants. — However, if means that in the Novus Ordo we are worshipping as protestants, I would not disagree with him too much.

  1. This Orthodox priest calls Catholics “Vatican protestants” when in fact, it’s the Orthodox who are protestants against the one true Church. Other than that, he nailed it.

  2. Interesting and these alternative opinion s are appreciated, always something to learn. His tap dancing around where the authority comes from is kind of humorous. It’s the saints, yeah that’s it, then it’s charismatic holy people, yeah that’s it, it’s not bishops, yeah that’s it.
    It is said only the future Great Catholic Monarch and holy pontiff will be able to convert the Orthodox from their schism by their holiness and miracles.

    1. What this priest, who says so much truth, does not tell you, is that this group of Orthodox who view their faith this way represents only a small minority of the Orthodox world. Like us Catholics who oppose the Vax in communion with Benedict, they too are reduced to a remnant of a remnant.

  3. I didn’t care for the “Catholic protestantism” expression either. HOWEVER, it’s both pointless and dangerous to be squabbling over theology with him right now when there’s an existential threat present, which must be our main focus now. Playing schismatic tag right now is what Satan would want us to do, instead of focusing on the main, urgent issue; all the more so when the points he touches upon are so truthful and so relying on the supernatural that they should be accepted as revealed truth from Heaven without question.

    Thanks for posting this, Brother.

  4. Orthodox Christian here…

    As Br. Alexis said, we Orthodox are also getting hammered. A few weeks ago the Holy Synod here in Greece wrote an encyclical urging the faithful to get vaccinated. It was full of lies. Unfortunately, it was read in all churches here in Greece a few weeks ago. (There were scattered outbursts with people yelling ”heresy!”, etc. )

    As other have already pointed out, let’s leave our theological differences aside and concrete on the existential threat.

    1. They people spoke the truth. Alas Bishops everywhere have been bought. Its the great apostasy foretold by St. John the Theologian.

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