New Zeland: Oh the suffering of the genocidal maniacs!
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5 thoughts on “New Zeland: Oh the suffering of the genocidal maniacs!”

  1. You got it. “Non essential” churches all closed again. Bottle stores and drug dealers (pharmacists) open.

  2. I’m very sure every aspect of the drama in NZ has been planned, right down to Jacinda Ardern’s hypnotizing teeth. If they’d wanted cases before now all they had to do was crank PCR purification cycles up to 40 or more. No doubt this is a demoralizing tactic – they want the population totally supine and stunned in preparation for NZ’s function as the elites global hideaway bunker.

    1. True (and it’s definitely what they’re planning), but the elites and globalists obviously don’t read Catholic prophecy and eschatology. It might seem like a safe haven for them now, far away from the rest of the world, but NZ is a very geologically active country. (Fault lines, earthquakes, geysers and volcanoes) A substantial number of the prophecies regarding the time leading up to the renewal of the Church and the time of peace discuss the preceding widespread upheaval, world wars, civil wars and anarchy but also at the same moment the chastisements sent by God in the form of fire, earthquakes, storms, tsunamis and think of any natural disaster and list it here…
      They’re likely to be entombed in their bunkers.

  3. I live in Auckland. The leader of the anti lockdown protest was arrested and put in jail, with no access to his lawyer. Nobody else was arrested. Disgusting communists now run this country. I hope the Maori’s get rid of these masonic half brit infiltrators, and also make sure they will never popup again.
    The entire country is a masonic dream. You see it when you are here. Masonic lodges everywhere, and they have their Egyptian and Roman inspired obelisks on each hill, and masonic and disgusting symbols everywhere.

  4. There is absolutely no proof that NZ recorded 6 new cases! NONE! They need cases to remove liberties? They manufacture them, then justify their evil.

    In every country of the world, the populace outnumbers the media, the politicians, and the military. If there is no revolt or physical confrontation, its over. Period.

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