O Australia, do you now understand why they asked you to give up your guns?


And, in South Australia:

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4 thoughts on “O Australia, do you now understand why they asked you to give up your guns?”

  1. My parents lived there before returning to England in the 60’s, they said it was a rough-tough environment & Australians would take no lip from anyone.

    How did they end up like this?

    1. Looks like the Australian people have gone soft! They should be out fighting for their children ! Don’t they realise they won’t have a future!!!!

  2. just reading above story article-on O Australia -giving up
    guns their firearms- this is so true-They are pulling the same
    undermining and underhanded dirty tactics here in Canada
    by our so Called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau-Attacking and
    Assaulting all Canadian Independent individual Law-Abiding
    Firearms Owners of Business-Hunters-Sportsman-Hobbyist
    here in Canada-And giving them all two-years to turning into
    our Federal Goverment all their Firearms/Guns to Them.

    I would be saying and telling all Firearms Gun Owners:This
    ”UNDER NO-PRETEXT ”should No-Fire Arms Owners at all
    Surrender Their Fire Arms To Their Federal Goverments- For
    They Fear the citizenry population with firearms – knowing
    full well -We the citizenry populations can taking back our
    federal Goverment’s from Crooked-Corrupt rouge Tyranntical
    Tyrannts – Politicians who are Using And Misusing and Abusing Their Powers & Playing God Over Its Citizenry Populations

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