10 thoughts on “USA: Federal Lawsuit to make Govt cough up raw data on Vaxx deaths”

  1. Care givers/loved ones need to take individual responsibility, demand an autopsy, specifically testing for graphine oxide, find a lawyer and use every legal means possible to file for damages under the federal vaccine protection program. Money is the only language these people understand. They need to be held accountable. Then go after all the providers who are complicit with this genocide. Take them down financially too. Only then will we see any real change. It’s all about the money, that’s the only thing they care about, it is their means of power/control.

  2. It is about time a courageous attorney such as Thomas Renz stands up for People everywhere.The People of NSW and Victoria are waking up to these Dictator ways. Our so called covid numbers go up each day and now The NSW Premier says that we ALL have covid! What a lie! Today they blocked off all our children’s play grounds in the lockdown area. There are 18,000 police on the streets of Greater Sydney and 800 Military. WE find this situation unbearable after 2 months Stay at home orders. WE pray for Men like Thomas REnz to give us all courage and expose the lie!

  3. Trial then capital punishment including the nurses and doctors killing people no exceptions

  4. The present numbers show the level of virus no longer warrants govt emergency powers

  5. Hopefully Lawyer Lens knows and is contact with Frontline Doctors,who is also suing the govt

  6. Does anyone understand why Trump is still pro-vaxx, and still talking about what a great job he did expediting them? Seriously, I don’t understand how anyone with his access to resources/information could still be talking this way.

    1. Because he and his family have served the Skull and Bones Bank, Brown Brothers Harriman for nearly a century, and the Harrimans founded the Eugenics Society, which is now called Planned Parenthood, whose first directors were the parents of Bill Gates, who controls the Vaxx companies….

      1. Oh. I get it. Sadly, I dated a BBH big shot for ten years. He wasn’t a big shot back in those days. I was 19 when I met him, he was about to graduate from UVa head up to NYC to begin working for BBH. I traveled to NYC for ten years to be with him, we would go out to dinner, lunch, you know, normal dating activity. I was crazy about him and thought it was mutual. I busted my tail to get a job in NY to be with him. Finally arrived at age 29. Picked up the phone from my new apartment in Manhattan to give him the good news and he says to me he can’t see me again because he met a woman at a dinner party one month earlier. That’s all he said. Click. I thought I was going to die. I later found out who she was in the NY Times. An Iranian woman whose father was former ambassador to Turkey. Harvard MBA. Educated at Oxford. We’re talking big bucks. Since then I follow the pictures on the internet, the two of them socializing with Daisy Soros in Jamaica and so forth. I think I get it.

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