USA: Form Letter to Employer explaining why the Vaxx cannot be mandated for employees

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3 thoughts on “USA: Form Letter to Employer explaining why the Vaxx cannot be mandated for employees”

  1. They’re playing hard ball with us. Even the Catholic Church in some dioceses is refusing to grant religious exemptions. A couple of thoughts. Number one, the medical exemption still stands. This includes anyone who has had a previous bad reaction, per an attorney’s website. In my case I almost died after my last flu shot. If you’re allergic to any of the shot ingredients that’s grounds for exemption. Since they won’t tell us what’s in the damned things anyone with a history of bad reaction or allergies should be exempt. Then there’s the religious exemption. That goes by state. Here in Florida the law says it’s no one’s business what you believe, simply stating a religious belief in conflict with the vaxx suffices. So legally we still have that option available. If forced to get it I would definitely get a legal agreement stating they will be responsible for all expenses. We need to be researching good Catholic attorneys NOW not when needed. I’ve had one off and on retainer for many years. He handles personal injury, financial matters etc. We’re going to at least need a phone number to call in case of emergency. Again, the time to think about this is not when the door knocks.

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