A Great Temptation or Testing has been set before us….

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

We are in a great spiritual test. And it is a test of discernment.

And the trial is not a complex one.

We are being asked, without words, “What does it mean to be a Christian?”

And if think the answer is, “Obey your superiors no matter what”. Then you are a NAZI, not a Christian.

And if you cannot discern when your pastor is a Nazi or Pagan or Satanist, and think being a Christian means obeying without questioning, then you will fail this test, get vaccinated and die within the next few months or years.

But if you know and believe with all your heart and mind that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, is God, and is the Lord of your life, and as Creator holds you in His hand against the forces of the world, the flesh and Satan, you will know that discernment is essential to remaining His faithful disciple. And then you will mistrust politicians, doubt journalists, refuse dangerous medical practices, not put your hope in hospitals or doctors who are paid by the State, and decline the Vaxx, refuse the Mask and ignore the Sanitary Dictatorships ludicrous pharaseism.

Alas, the majority of the Catholic world has already failed this test. And they will most likely find no salvation, because they won’t even admit that they did anything wrong. They have practiced the same false version of Christianity they have chosen and learned to live and love.

All around the world, the Catholic hierarchy and clergy are perfecting the perfidious betrayal of Christ, begun with the refusal to celebrate Easter in 2020, with the insistence their flocks take the Death Vaxx.  They really want you to drop dead and go down to hell with themselves. Such men are not vicars of Christ, but vicars of Lucifer.

But for us who still have eyes to see, Our Lord warns us to see and hear with discernment.

Finally, it is not a sin, but a work pleasing to God, to physically and morally separate yourself from false shepherds. Now more than ever, a Christian needs to take his prayers in private directly to Jesus Christ and ask for the light of salvation, knowing that FROM HIS THRONE OF MERCY AND GRACE one can obtain help in every need and light to solve all problems, IF WE BUT ASK WITH HUMILITY AND PERSEVERANCE.

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17 thoughts on “A Great Temptation or Testing has been set before us….”

  1. After centuries of blind obedience being hammered into us & our ancestors even well educated people find it impossible not to obey (even when they really know they should) anyone wearing a clerical collar or religious habit. They simply cannot face the fact that the OHCA Church has been eclipsed & is now run by nefarious demons who don’t care about our salvation as they hate Jesus & His Church. Once they don a pink or red hat most people believe they are above reproach & if one of them also wears white that one must be obeyed with question. While some scales are falling from Catholic eyes they are still insufficient to produce the mass Disobedience to an Antipope which must ensue if we are to regain the See of Peter for PBXVI who has been staunchly protecting it since the Destroyer took over the PO.

    1. You fail to realize that when they do such things they are no longer members of the Church nor your superiors.

      1. Brother,
        I am a diocesan priest who has been cancelled. Recent events have shown me it was entirely providential. I wont vax and warn anybody I can about it. God bless you for your stand. I do two masses a day one for the Holy Souls and have been an underground priest and gotten to many people had I not been thrown out of public ministry. Nobody ever said we didnt have a cross to pick up. We need good feet and to perservere. May the Queen of Martyrs pray for us all.

  2. I just want to say, for the sake of the few of us who are still holding the line, perhaps the hardest part of this is going to be the loneliness and isolation, if it hasn’t already set in. My mother’s college roommate, one of the few still keeping in touch with me, actually threatened me last week, said she would never speak to me again if I don’t get the shot, and said she would be calling again in about a week to make sure I did. I got on the internet and found out her second husband of about 50 years was not only a highest level mason but also a member of a subset which runs around in turbans calling themselves something to do with Islam and using as their emblem an image with two horns. I’ve known this woman since I was born. Had almost no idea what we were dealing with, well actually some idea but now I get it. As of today about 199 M Americans have taken at least one shot. Assuming most of these are adults over 18 that means only about 5% have not.

    This has been a long lonely road for a very long time for many of us and is about to get a whole lot worse. Without a daily relationship with Jesus and Mary, God the Father, St. Michael and the rest of heaven there’s absolutely no way any of us are going to be able to make it. I consider myself to be one of the best prepared for this in terms of getting the crap kicked out of me repeatedly for most of my life and this is tough even for me; 911 survivor, domestic violence survivor, rape survivor, you name it, This takes the cake, and it’s just getting started.

  3. @Joan – I’m sorry for your trials. I agree it’s just getting started. I just got another threatening email from my boss today saying it’s mandatory to enter my “vaccination status” in the company database today, implying that if I don’t comply, I’ll be fired. And I won’t comply. So guess what comes next?

    1. You work the system that’s what’s next. Temporarily you put whatever you have to put in there to get boss off your case. Whether it be ‘in process pending medical approval’, ‘religious exemption’, whatever. You need to somehow figure out what to say to work the system. From bosses perspective they’re just trying to keep a job, it’s not about you or your performance sounds like.

      I would research taking an unpaid leave of absence if possible, for starters. If you are in the US and he fires you file for unemployment which buys you some time as well. Of course I would first get a religious exemption before all else. And try to talk to an attorney but from what I understand the laws are state dependent, generally stacked against us. And of course file for food stamps immediately if you get fired, along with free cell phone if you’re in the US. Push comes to shove it may be time to research storage bins and start thinking about getting out of all your overhead expenses asap. That means everything. Keeping a working vehicle is key. You may have to live in it. If you have dependents God help you. I’ve never been in that situation but it may be time to come up with a guardianship backup plan, something you should have already on file anyway. I’ve been in your situation a number of times, never had the courtesy of a heads up, at least they are giving you time to make plans. I feel for you. Keep your health up and stay strong. Whether you realize it or not you’re about to physically do the equivalent of running a multi-month marathon, possibly much much longer. Keep the faith, God can and does provide everything.

      The bottom line is this, and I know nobody wants to hear this, it’s something I figured out after 911 and still holds true today for all of us. We absolutely must get rid of our stuff, possessions, to every extent possible. That means all non-essentials. A car load or a backpack full is all we should have in a few years. We still have a little time. This believe it or not is going to determine who survives this. The possessions will be like a noose around our necks. If we can’t let go of them there is not going to be any hope, for any of us, it’s that simple.

    2. Don’t quit Sandra! Make your boss actually fire you. A huge lawsuit waiting to happen. So very illegal what he’s doing. Hang in there! God Bless You!!

  4. @Joan – I lost all of my possessions after fleeing a moldy house back in 2016, so I know too well how a person must be able to abandon stuff when danger comes. Your other comments are very wise, especially the one about possibly having to live in a car. I paid off my car, thinking it may come to that.

  5. Walmart parking lots are known to be a safe 24 hour alternative, but I haven’t looked into it for a while. Many that used to be open 24 hours no longer are. Which is fine because we should not be using public potties any more anyway due to airborne spike proteins from vaxxed shedders, not to get too graphic about it. Get yourself a carton or two of disposable underwear and wet wipes, I keep them on hand for emergencies anyway. If Walmart doesn’t permit free parking any more I hate to say it but hospital parking lots are the next safest but you didn’t hear it from me and God forbid they see you in there so just make sure you’re well covered and I certainly wouldn’t come out while I’m on their property. Whatever you do don’t park in a motel lot. They all have security. Some of them call the cops almost every night. They record tag numbers upon check in. If I think of anything else I’ll post it. That’s just off the top of my head. Asking a friend if you can park in their driveway is a joke. If you want a good laugh try it. Or if you’re not sure if someone is your friend that’s one way to find out in a hurry. Even moreso, ask to sleep on a couch for more than one night. That’s pretty funny too. Your address book will go from packed to empty in no time.

  6. I see your video is back up on bitchute today BBrother B. I’ve watched it 20 times, you should make more videos like this.

    1. Sandra – Perhaps a Notice of Liability could work in your favour, after all it would make your boss think twice.

  7. Yes, I’m still shocked about the Bishops canceling Easter 2020 Mass and Holy Week, and not one Priest spoke up, except Fr Altman. I doubt Pope Benedict approved of that.

  8. Thank you Bro B,
    I’ve shared this link on Citizen Free Press. You should see an uptick in web traffic shortly.
    Excellent synopsis of what is happening before our eyes.

    1. Thanks Gunny. I was wondering where all those readers were coming from for such a short editorial….

  9. Bible warned us about favouritsm at the end of time as the way where anti christ will walk and marching his followers.
    When people start to get vaccinated and share their picture trough social media, and then now using their faxx passport to access any market and public services. Looks clear to me…it is demonic thing.
    Praise God we find From Rome and recieve many apostolic message by the heart of the curch.

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