How to refuse the Vaxx, scientifically

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

When asked or threatened with loss of rights, benefits, job, so as to take the Vaxx perhaps responding like this will end up getting you an exemption.

“I think I have antibodies already to Covid-19, and if I do, then taking such a vaccine might cause an antibody enhanced reaction, which could be lethal. So, before being required to take one of these vaccines, I demand that I be tested for antibodies to Covid-19.  Naturally, to make sure you are not liable for my death, I demand that my antibodies be tested from a live culture of Covid-19, isolated from someone known to have the symptoms. I believe such a test will prove that I do have such antibodies, and thus have no need of the vaccine.”

Now since no laboratory in the world has isolated the virus, you can wait until they do, which, if it does not exist, will be for the rest of your natural life!

If they offer to do any other kind of antibody testing, refuse that on the grounds that it is scientifically uncertain and medically unreliable. If asked if you are refusing the Vaxx, respond,

“I am not refusing the Vaccine and do think that it is necessary, but only for those who do not have the natural immunity already, as I believe I do. And I am not going to risk my life because of your unscientific and medically dangerous presumption that I do not have antibodies to Covid-19 or that any other kind of test provides proof positive scientific confirmation of the presence of antibodies to this particular coronavirus species.”

If asked why you think you have antibodies, say:

“Coronaviruses are by nature highly transmissible and usually infect the entire human population in 12 weeks. Therefore, since this coronavirus has been out there for nearly 2 years and since many persons in my (city, state, province, county, workplace etc.) have tested positive and recovered, I believe that it is statistically impossible that I do not already have antibodies for the disease, especially since I am in good health.”

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5 thoughts on “How to refuse the Vaxx, scientifically”

  1. I’ve quit many a lucrative job over much less than this. All we’re doing is kicking the can down the road until the mark of the beast necessary to buy or sell. This is somewhat fixable, with supplements, as well as spiritual remedies. The mark of the beast is not. Those who can’t deal with the current situation, are they going to have the wherewithal to refuse? I just think we should be careful about giving a false sense of security. Everyone needs to be working on cutting ties with outside support and becoming totally self sufficient, we’re out of time to be playing any more games with the evil powers that be.

    1. What you say is true for the strong. But this article is for those who are not as strong. Here at, I seek to publish information to save both the weak and the strong.

  2. Padre Alexis, we love you so much. Thank you for all you are doing for us. We listened to your message on the massonic take over of the world and at the beginning I could not make sense of it.

    Now, after all these months, everything is clear. WE DID NOT GET THE MARK OF THE BEAST!!!
    We understood right away it was poisonous. We have been spreading good info around for months trying to save lives.

    When I am a bit down, I play your video: you give me strength and courage.

    Thank you very much. GOD bless you

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