Is Cardinal Burke being murdered for money?

We cannot ignore the truth, that in the USA hospitals are being paid to murder patients.

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21 thoughts on “Is Cardinal Burke being murdered for money?”

  1. A hospital would be the last place I would take anyone with signs of Covid-19. Was there no-one to get him Ivermectin or other medication known to work? He has apparently been isolated also which makes one very suspicious.

    1. His case seems way beyond the point where if they had used hydroxycloroquine or ivermectin in conjunction with zinc he would be, cured at at home.

    2. All patients admitted with covid 19 are isolated and then killed with a drug regime set by the WHO and CDC. Dr’s can’t deviate from the procedure/ritual because they will lose their license! Sad to say but Cardinal Burke will die in the hospital because the ventilators are killing machines. Welcome to the brave new world of genocide in your face! We are now in the final stage of America and a huge ritual human sacrifice. You are totally right about going to a hospital, they are now human sacrifice temple.

      1. He was put under the feast day of st maximillian kolbe. That is not s coincidence. He is being murdered for power and they injected him with a deadly drug.

  2. Cardinal Burke lives in Rome. How and why did he suddenly go to Wisconsin when most folks are stuck in some sort of lockdown or quarantine and can’t travel anywhere?
    Although he had criticized the morality of the vaccines, he must have had shots in order to travel from Europe to the U.S. Wouldn’t his sudden deathly illness so soon after that prove how dangerous the vax, not to mention some inimical foul play?

  3. I was just reading the latest ‘news’ about his condition and so forth. I think they’re being deliberately obtuse about what’s going on, that much is obvious. I’m trying to stay positive. My grandfather was on a ventilator for about a month at his age and made it to 93 in good shape so I’m clinging to that. Let’s hope and pray, but realistically since they say he is ‘sedated’ it’s in the hands of his health care surrogate. This is the person responsible for him being on a ventilator I would imagine. To ascertain what really happened I’d be looking to this person for answers to that as well. I do think it’s suspect that he appeared to be doing relatively well prior to being ‘tested’. Knowing as much as I do about hospitals I would never walk into one of those places voluntarily. Again we may never know how all of this happened. Quite honestly I’ll be very surprised if he makes it out of any hospital setting alive. They are all using CDC protocols which are deliberate exterminations per the whistle blower nurses. Once someone is in that setting they’re not allowed to give them ivermectin or other helpful treatments. It’s all about the money at that point.

    1. Cardinal Burke spends most summers in Wisconsin. His sister still lives there, and he is founder of the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, where he celebrates a number of masses every year and hosts a Marian conference in late July. He has a fairly rigorous schedule when he is in the United States in the summertime, as was the case recently. He wasn’t suddenly or unexpectedly in Wisconsin. That is a typical place for him to be this time of year. He does in fact maintain his official residence in Rome.

      1. The point is that he must have been vaxxed to be able to get into the U.S. People who have no vax passport are put on a no fly list. Interesting, since he had been notably outspoken about the dangers of the vax and its being mandated.

  4. Cardinal Burke’s situation NOW seems way beyond where hydroxy or ivermectin might work, but what in the world happened? Not sure about his exact health situation, but people (of just about any age) without pre-existing conditions do not ordinarily become instantly deathly ill!! In fact here we see that he was initially doing very well:
    “The cardinal had first tweeted Aug. 10: ‘Praised be Jesus Christ! I wish to inform you that I have recently tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Thanks be to God, I am resting comfortably and receiving excellent medical care. Please pray for me as I begin my recovery. Let us trust in Divine Providence. God bless you.'”

    One cannot help but be suspicious. It’s almost assured that Fr. Nicholas Gruner was very covertly and expertly eliminated, and then his death was basically blamed on his age. Cardinal Burke has had a lot of influence for good (and was a VACCINE SKEPTIC) — all VERY rare for a prelate today. Hmmmmm….. Sure looks to me like more than just an “ordinary” case of covid… Many, many good people have been murdered in hospitals under the guise of whatever condition caused their hospitalization. It’s an easy kill… He’s been a thorn in Bergoglio’s side for a long time.

    Looks like he received the Last Rites, so let us indeed pray that Our Lady wrap him in her mantle and protect him from all enemies!! As I mentioned in another comment on this website, those who dare to question the mainstream narratives (especially highly placed ones) have a target on their backs… Sure hope he can pull thru with our prayerful support, but otherwise we may be witnessing something touching upon martyrdom…

    1. I know that when the hospital started doing things which caused my father’s death, it was then that they stopped answering the questions posed by members of the family and begin citing privacy laws.

    2. No. I am sure his sister wants to safeguard his privacy and carefully control the flow of information. She is a good person and devoted sister so I wouldn’t read anything at all into that.

      1. I doubt she has control over his healthcare. He belongs to the church and Francis is in bed with Klaus Schwab. He calls humans useless feeders and that thr 300 are gonna murder all of America and Europe.

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