Vatican II Revolution tied directly to Klaus Schwab of the Great Reset

Michael Matt is 99% right on here. He still does not see that Benedict XVI’s Declaration is not a renunciation. But, let us pray he arrives… and begins to allow a discussion of the Declaration on his website and during his video talks. Br. Bugnolo is 100% ready to discuss it with him live.

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17 thoughts on “Vatican II Revolution tied directly to Klaus Schwab of the Great Reset”

  1. Great video Michael Matt. However, you are not fully awake until you realize that Bergoglio is not now or ever been a valid pope. So the most important conclusion that one should draw from such a video is ignored. But otherwise solid information.

  2. Gosh, it’s taken a long time for Michael Matt to come on board, but better late than never I guess. When the Destroyer Francis usurped the PO no-one who commented that he was Antipope, a Marxist & that PBXVI hadn’t actually resigned the Keys, his reaction was to blast you & then block you. A little further on he started the Recognise & Resist section of the Catholic Church which got nowhere. Then he embraced the Indult & anyone who hadn’t access to it or the SSPX was simply not wanted as a commenter on the Remnant. Then there was Trad Inc. & the Munich gathering of invited guests which didn’t get off the ground, so it seems he has come full circle at last to recognising what many of us recognised from the moment Francis appeared on the Vatican balcony – an imposter. This was underlined by ligthening striking the dome of St. Peter’s & the return of PBXVI to a convent within the walls of the Vatican where he has been enslaved for the past eight-and-a-half years without any support from the prelature who failed to query his ‘resignation’ in Latin or call for an investigation into why it did not conform to Canon Law & why the following conclave was held despite a sitting & valid Pope was being holed up as a prisoner. We all knew at that time there could not be two popes (a bifurcated papacy according to Gänswein) nor a Pope Emeritus but the Catholic Press along with the MSM weren’t interested – Francis was the Pope & PBXVI had resigned the Papacy so we were all obliged to kowtow to Francis. Sadly most took the bait & did just that. Glad to see the scales beginning to drop at this very late stage. Maybe the prayers & penances of the very people who were admonished to the rafters for not travelling hundreds of miles to access TLM are those that God (who knows everything) is now beginning to answer.

    1. Interesting thing about the Munich conference was that its attendees came back to Italy with the flu just as the Scamdemic was launche. And that Munich is the founding city of the Nazi party and Gladio.

  3. @ ~ 14:00 minutes Maybe even add ‘Abandon the Papacy of the Church’ to your list, Mr Matt?

    The young woman’s shirt says “#Resist Francis”. I find it very difficult to listen to Mr Matt ever since his “Unite the Clans” and reject PPBXVI stunt from before the scamdemic.

    He gives us facts, yes, but in the midst he has the tone of “Recognize and Resist”, “Who needs the papacy”, “Benedict is just as bad or worse” ongoing diatribe of Trad Inc.

    Could there have been a different way to capture Schwab’s expose of his connection to Vatican II via Hector Camara than to have Mr Matt get his anti-papal, anti-Benedict XVI, anti-papacy schtick in?

    Mr. Matt was there when the Catacombs Pact was rolled out. Yippee, Mr. Matt! So what, you hate Pope Benedict XVI and you make no secret of your rejection of him.

    His exhortation to avoid infiltrators and proclaim Christ the King falls flat when he continues to claim Francis to be pope and continues to reject our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI.

    He asks the question, “What happened to Benedict?” and then drops the opportunity to drive to an answer. Mr Matt why do you not use your subscribers and influence to request an official examination of what the black-and-white evidence shows.

    @ ~31:00 “He’s united the Catholics of the world?!” Seriously, Mr Matt?! Not without recognizing “the visible source and foundation of unity”, who is Pope Benedict.

    Sorry. This is just so much “rah, rah, rah”. I do not buy it.

    1. @IiI
      I LOVE your comment! Everything that went through my mind when I watched this, is exactly what you have written here. Spot-on assessment. Woohoo!

  4. Matt says “why did they get rid of pope Benedict and install…” Yet he still pushes his “recognize Francis and resist” nonsense.
    No thanks Mike, I’ve no interest in antipope Bergoglio

    1. The truth about the Matt family is that they come from Switzerland not far from St. Gallen.

      1. That’s interesting. They always claimed to be German, but I guess it might be a region close to the border with Switzerland. I think that Bishop Lefebvre’s family background was also close to St. Gallen & their HQ is in the same region. The dots are beginning to link up!

  5. I believe what I believe. Francis is not the Pope, period. Benedict has & is our Pope! Any priest that believes otherwise, God help him!!!!!

  6. Smash the Vatican 2 dialectic:
    Accept “Francis” as “Pope” – NO!
    Resist “Francis” as “Pope” – NO!

    Acknowledge Benedict XVI as Pope – Yes!!

    Refuse to concede the synthesis desired by the Lodge. Viva Papa Benedetto!

    1. Mr. Matt is a graduate of Christendom College, which was founded by a former CIA Agent recruited by a Skull and Bones man of the highest level. The education they give there prevents you from connecting the dots. Indeed, a good number of their graduates go on and join the CIA or Military Intelligence. Even their logo looks like that of the FBI.

      1. Yes, it gives a whole new level of resonance to the old saw about “skeletons in the closet”!

      2. Brother Alexis,
        Are you saying that Dr. Warren Carroll was a CIA agent? I met him several times because my older 2 children went to Seton Catholic high school in Manassas, Virginia – founded by his wife Dr. Anne Caroll. I know Anne Caroll and I know she is a very solid Catholic and I believe Warren Caroll was too. Can you give me some links so I can do my own research on this.

  7. Matt’s father bailed on Archbishop Lefebvre right at the future saint’s most critical moment and today Matt parades around as if he was the trad mass king or something, what a joke. He’s irrelevant.

  8. Klaus schwab I’d an evil man. He calls humans useless eaters in his book and says he is gonna murder the planet. This id the first time outside schisms that a pope stepped down while alive. BENEDICT IS POPE. THIS IS EVIL SANTANISTS CAUSING THE END OF THE WORLD.

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