How to recognize that you are being sexually exploited by a priest

Introduction by Br. Bugnolo

I have been a staunch opponent of sexual abuse my entire religious life, not because I have been a victim of it, but because I find it so revolting and contrary to the Christian spirit of innocence which men of God should be immersed in and cultivate.  I have blown the whistle on the scandalous comportment at Catholic Schools, in Catholic Rectories, at Catholic Shrines, on both sides of the Atlantic. And I am universally hated for this reason. One priest of a Traditional Fraternity even warned me not to visit any houses of his community, because  “Someone might stick a knife in your back”.

While there are many holy and devout clergy, there are some really evil men who have infiltrated the Catholic priesthood and Catholic religious orders.  Superiors and Bishops in our age have nearly universally failed, however, to police their subordinates and take swift and decisive action based on the facts available.

For this reason, I publish the following link to an article by Dr. Lamont which contains a lot of information about how a priest should comport himself and how to avoid being sexually abused by a Catholic priest.  It also contains detailed information about a few members of the Society of St. Pius X and what you need to be aware of if you attend their Masses and how over zealous laymen are abusively shielding them from inquiry.

There is a lot more corruption that is reported in this article, but by no means should you condemn all priests or all priests of the Society for the sins of some of their peers and superiors. Nor should we, like Church Militant go on a tirade against the Traditional Latin Mass, which is the only God inspired true form of worship in the Roman Rite which has come down to our day.

Neither should we cover up such sins because of the good men in such a society, but in all groups and indeed throughout the entire Church we should all work together to police the Church and see that She be cleansed of such filth, for we live in an age without a Holy Office of Inquisition, which in better days did such work.

Click the image below to read the article, which I do not recommend for children. But parents should read this information, and carefully observe the behavior of their children, so that if they give any signs of being manipulated by clergy, you may be able to recognize and intervene to save them. — While parents do not have the right to know what advice Confessors give to their children, and should not interrogate them about such things, if, however, a strange and deteroriated behavior in their child is noticeable after going to Confession, they should gently offer their counsel to their child, if they want to talk about it, expressing the fact that in rare cases priests to give bad advice.  And if a child offers to share such information and it come to the parents attention that the advice is bad or not in accord with the teaching of Christ or the eternal Faith, the parent should not take his children to such a priest or church to confess any more, but somewhere else.

When they are of a proper age you should explain in discrete terms how they too should comport themselves with all adults and peers and what are the warning signs they should keep in mind to avoid bad company of whatever kind and from whatever source.

And may the Lord Jesus protect all families from such horrors.

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2 thoughts on “How to recognize that you are being sexually exploited by a priest”

  1. If you are going to write an article on the SSPX I believe you must start at the very beginning of their existence, so I left a question at the end of this article by Dr. Lamont asking him to comment on an article about Achilles Liénart, but CM didn’t publish it . There is also another one entitled Cracks in the Masonry.
    I understand that LSN are closely linked to Opus Dei (because they told me they were their largest donor) & consequently must toe their agenda which does away with professional journalism on any given subject. The same, I’m sure, applies to CM & Trad Inc. generally which is why I cannot regard them as Catholic (without a prefix).

  2. I appreciate you addressing this Br. It’s a scandal and has chased saints with divine gifts out of the church and into the devils hands. I know this bc I have had experiences with priests being predatory both when I was 15 and even more recently trying to gain the sacrament for marriage.

    Not only sexual mortal sin but a narcicism that violates all truth and honesty. It’s predatory to be someone’s pastoral care and be interested in antagonizing their fallen flaws, and the dynamics of power in being the holder of all sacraments cause them to sin against the Holy Spirit.

    Nuns particularly are vulnerable as is their initiates bc many of these priests are not holding to their vows on their days off. And since they control all aspects of a nuns sacraments and spiritual conscience, that skew can murder them as a person internally. I pray for you all bc I’ve thought about marry outside the church bc of this, still might. Better to ask forgiveness from mama and Jesus than tolerate anymore undisciplined, narcicistic, power hungry, lustful priests.

    Please pray!

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