Australia: A Preview of the Dystopian Terror which is about to be unleashed in the Fall in the West

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3 thoughts on “Australia: A Preview of the Dystopian Terror which is about to be unleashed in the Fall in the West”

  1. The big picture is not looking good. We have Mike Lindell wrapping up his meeting with election officials across the country, many of them on a mission now to get to the bottom of the numbers. And we have Trump in the background, finally admitting that the shots are probably not a good idea for kids, saying if he was around things would be a lot WORSE in terms of mandatory compliance.

  2. Greetings from Melbourne Australia – last 24 hours

    For everyone who thought that all they had to do is what they’re told and one day they’d get their life back to ‘normal’ I’d say the cat’s out of the bag.

    Gladys has just announced that Australians will NEVER be free.

    You can go into denial and look to blame others, but it ain’t going to help.

    They’ll turn people against each other by blaming people who chose not to have sheen – but, people don’t realise, that makes no sense.

    The reason for the sheen was protection – if it doesn’t work, why have one? If it does work then only non-sheened are at risk – their choice.

    It must be obvious by now, freedom was never the plan.

    Once they got you to have sheen, then ‘variants’ would keep everyone locked up for the rest of eternity, sheened or not.

    Berejiklian: NSW locals will not live with ‘complete freedom’ like some countries.

  3. I am sorry to hear about Australia. I watch Max Igan and he says close all the borders down, before the authorities do, because they intend to do this any way. But do it before they are ready, if you can. Some one also suggested smoking them out of every government building, that is what is needed for vermin. When it comes to our turn in the UK I am not certain what we’ll do? They say that AI is running the show. AI wants to reduce all carbon. Our bodies are carbon, all life is carbon, the “new” human 2.0 will be silicone based, that is why doctors are treating patients inappropriately as though we are all now silicone robots, and killing us. The vaxx using graphene oxide will change human bodies for this purpose.

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