How Journalism is used to subvert Christian nations

This interview was done in 1984, and begins with references to the state of the Soviet Union in those years, but the main subject is an explanation of how secular journalism in the west worked with Marxists to subvert Western Civilization. Which it still is doing.

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  1. Katie Couric happened to be an acquaintance, we were in the same undergraduate class, and her first year roommate was one of my roommates for two years. Katie’s mother was Jewish. Her current new husband is Jewish and BBH. Don’t quote me on this I’ll have to double check when I have access to my yearbooks up north but I’m pretty sure I saw her name on the skull and crossbones list, which was published when we graduated. Katie has been very outspoken about retraining camps for forced indoctrination about all things liberal. She’s probably the last person on earth anyone would suspect. I’m pretty sure she was also one of those telling us about the planes flying into the World Trade Center. Her father was a career journalist, in DC, as I recall.

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