How to Become Warriors of God

Introduction by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Before or after watching the video above (click to view) with Andrew Baalman and myself, I urge you to watch the lecture by Yuri Bezmenov on the Soviet Method of Subversion, which I published this morning, which was not invented by the Soviets, because it is in truth the Masonic method of subverting nations away from God. This may seem a very strange recommendation for an article about restoring the spiritual life, but if you watch the lecture to the end, where Mr. Bezmenov explains how to prevent societies from being subverted, you will understand why he is absolutely correct, that it all begins with restoring faith in the Creator of the World, Who made us according to His Image and Likeness and who calls us to eternal life with Him in a world to come.  Only when mankind returns to the adoration and service of this true God can he be saved not only in eternity but also in time.

As a consequence, since we are all victims of a decades long campaign of subversion in preparation for the Masonic Takeover of the World, which I warned you about in my videos Truth 1.0, and Truth 2.0, and which is being enacted and is about to get much worse (as I warned recently, in regard to this Fall, and here in regard to what you need to do materially), it is now most urgent for each and everyone to begin a life of prayer and adoration of the True God and undertake a program of spiritual restoration.

Yuri Bezmenov is quite pessimistic about nations which are subverted already. He does not think they can be restored or saved. But we who know the power of the one true and Living God know that there is hope if we return to Him and there is a restoration of strength and life in Him, since on account of His Infinite Truth, Goodness, Life and Light, all who return to His service and adoration cannot fail but be snatched from error, filled full of good things, revivified spiritually and illuminated against all the lures of darkness.

And this restoration begins with prayer and faith. Not just faith, but prayer. And not just the prayer of the lips but the prayer of the heart which changes the course of your life, the habits of your mind and body, and the decisions to make in everyday life. Spiritual life, quite contrary to the common misguided notions of false leaders, does not regard only the soul or mind, but must flow forth into all the reality which we are as humans and into how we live in our families and towns and nations.

Thus true spiritual renewal is the most revolutionary thing a human being can do who wishes to oppose the demonic, psychopathic, megalo-maniacal plan of the Globalists to exterminate and enslave all humanity, while seizing the property of everything and everyone. For just as their plan is founded upon the denial of all that dignity which makes humans superior to all other physical things, so our battle against their heinous plot must begin with and flow from all that which affirms the unique and metaphysically special dignity and abilities about being a human being.

For we who are Christians, there is an infallible and ever flowing source of this renewal at the foot of Christ’s Cross, where the Eternal Son of the Living God merited All grace and All Mercy.  In that Fountain of infinite merit which rises like a geyser unto the Empyrean Heavens, we can draw forth by humble begging chalices full of the graces we need for complete, perfect and full renewal of ourselves and our families, and our nations., if we only VISIT it frequently on our knees and spend hours with humble begging to gather its waters of everlasting life carefully and abundantly.

We Adore Thee o Christ and We bless Thee,

For by Thy Holy Cross Thou has redeemed the world!

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8 thoughts on “How to Become Warriors of God”

  1. Brother Bugnolo

    Whilst I read “How to become Warriors of God”. I had a thought, may be we could all pray at a certain time of day? I am not sure how that would work, because there are different time zones across the world. If you suggested that All Christians pray on a certain day, (in their own way) especially for the purpose of knocking on heavens door, to ask God not to forget us because we have not forgotten Him, may be a miracle could happen. I would rather have Christianity than Communism/Fascism. A belief in God/Jesus Christ is essential, after all what are we doing here? Just a thought.

    1. Our Lord did not ask us to pray together, He asked us to pray in our rooms in secret when we want grace. This we each need to do, because in private, we show Him the respect that He deserves. This does not deny the efficacy of public prayer, but when the question is of our own personal loyalty, only private prayer works.

  2. I’ve been praying a 15 decade rosay daily and when I can 2 two 15 decades. It’s a great consolation and to offer my prayers to the Blessed Mother for her to use as she sees fit.

  3. Do you think something like this would work for a peaceful protest?

    “The current COVID-related mask mandates, social distancing, curfews, and lockdowns across America have willfully violated the laws of nature. At no other time in human history has the entire world destroyed the economic and financial survivability of the healthy in order to protect the vulnerable few. Societies used sanatoriums and nursing homes with strict guidelines to safeguard the elderly, and they relied on the individual to assess his or her risk before conducting potentially unsafe activity. Moreover, disease vectors such as hospitals required rigid adherence to sterilization and cleanliness protocols.
    Poverty, suicide, drug addiction, homelessness, unemployment and despair have all been increased not because of Coronavirus, but demonstrably due to the over-reactions to said virus by bureaucrats. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of small businesses – the heart and soul of America – have been offlined, many never to return. Politicians have denoted Big Corporations as essential and Small Businesses as non-essential and by doing so have siphoned the wealth of the People of America into the hands of a few billionaire oligarchs.
    Dr. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi both understood that Satyagraha – peaceful, civil resistance – to injustice is an appropriate measure of effecting change by a spirited populace. When the People are facing a tyranny of the magnitude that forces their own destitution and that of posterity, it is their God-given right – their moral duty – to resist. A refusal to do so will tragically result in a growing wealth disparity between the Haves and Have-Nots and less Liberty for all but the Privileged Few.
    Now, therefore, I appeal to the farmers, truckers, plumbers, restauranteurs, electricians, and all other salt of the Earth professions to refuse to serve any government or Big Business that destroys the livelihoods of the Many in order to enrich the Few, unless and until they return to pre-COVID governance, permanently. Our human dignity must be reinstated, no exceptions. Refuse to deliver to corporate supermarkets on your routes. Eschew contracts with governments that impoverish your neighbors through draconian lockdowns and curfews. Avoid transportation to cities where your lives are put at risk by the increasing crime due to overzealous health officials’ mandates. Open your small businesses back up to the public and let them choose whether or not to frequent your establishment.
    One item that previous civil rights movements lacked was a unifying symbol, something that denoted an informal bond between adherents of the cause. The fleur-de-lis is a symbol that permeates human culture – from the ancient Indians to modern-day France – due to its appeal to duty, purity, and wisdom. Let this again represent the emblem by which our brothers and sisters of the entire human race unite to restore our natural rights to life, liberty, and property. Display a simple image of a royal blue fleur-de-lis on your tractor, truck, or storefront window to identify yourself as a member of this peaceful movement.”

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