USA: Ocean Beach resident unleashes tirade against Vaxx Passport proposal

This is the epic speech by Dreadlocks

which will go down in history in the Annals of the Resistance.

There is a more complete version in English, beginning at the 1:03 minute mark at this link:

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2 thoughts on “USA: Ocean Beach resident unleashes tirade against Vaxx Passport proposal”

  1. And it’s obvious that for the officials present that for them it was just a box ticking public consultation optics exercise.
    When the allocated time was up they just cut him off short.
    They failed to get or were completely disinterested in what he had to say because it fails to fit in with the script monkey globalist narrative that they have chosen to follow. They were akin to soulless robots holding that public oral hearing on proposed Vaxx passports.

  2. It should be Trump giving this speech. I think it’s over if this is all we have left to defend us; a homeless guy in a tee shirt from China. Think about it. This is the best we’ve got going on right now? Where’s the military? Where are the lawyers? We’re so done it’s pitiful; as of today we’re up to almost 200M voluntarily took the clot shot. It’s just like I’ve been saying about the local Catholic Church. I don’t care if they bring Jesus himself here as the parish priest there will still be the same 500 flaming liberal parishioners sitting in the pews. What we really need is advice about under armour and gas masks.

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