Australia: Citizens of Melbourne riot after being shot at by Police

This is what they were protesting:

 After our report was issued, InfoWars published more details on the barbarities committed by the Gestapo after the riot: click image below to read their report.

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6 thoughts on “Australia: Citizens of Melbourne riot after being shot at by Police”

  1. Yep it’s very bad in Australia right now. Lockdowns are ruining our nation and as you saw this is how the protestestors are treated.
    They have disarmed us and the majority fell for it and sold back their guns. This was all planned many many years ago.
    More people need to stand up, but the majority as so brainwashed that they turn against their fellow citizens like modern day Judas’ in the false belief that if they comply they will be set free.
    However the freedom fighters will never give up, they plan to keep fighting in courts and with protests.
    Today on Facebook I saw a flag, it was half Aussie and the other half was a picture of Our Lord on it.
    The writing said something like this:. Have faith not fear.
    I thought it was a wonderful idea for a flag and many others loved it too.
    So Australia is not entirely faithless.

  2. God be with you Australia!! Our Lady protect you!


  3. Shame on you Australia!!!!!!!

    This is how you treat your own people???
    Police, military, what are you doing!!!

    1. We are run by foreign govt now, our politicians have betrayed us and answer to the elite. Our original laws and Constitution is ignored and replaced by rules which are perceived by the cops as laws. These come into effective from a couple of hours after the demons have uttered them. The cops serve their demonic leaders and treat the citizens like public enemy number 1.

      Really these evil politicians believe themselves to be demonic gods. All they have to do is say the word and we are expected to know their many evil rules and obey them

      Yes God save Australia. Our Lady protect her and place her under mantle.

      Our nation is in effect consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for protection. Not because Our Lady asked it, but because Australian Bishops have placed our country under her protection.

  4. This is what happens when you line up to have your government buy your guns. My heart goes out to Australians, but it’s a cautionary tale for Americans who think, as Biden says, that the 2nd Amendment was written into the Bill of Rights by our founding fathers so that we may go duck hunting. God save Australia, God bless and keep America.

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