France: Without a Vaxx Passport citizens denied entrance to Supermarket to buy essential foods

NEVER, never, never tolerate this kind of dictatorship. Burst into the stores and buy your groceries. If it is ok for BLM to burst in and steal without masks, it must be ok for you to burst in a pay for your food without passports.

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10 thoughts on “France: Without a Vaxx Passport citizens denied entrance to Supermarket to buy essential foods”

  1. This suppose to being a modern times-In 2021 – this is what
    Totalitarian-Rouge- Dictatorships Is all about-As what is now
    happening in France in 2021 is doing right now to its very own
    Citizenry Population,(i.e) No Covid Pass-Ports Then You
    Are Denied The Essential Foods Access Into Your SuperMarkets for buying Grocerys.This is just the begining
    People’s its all being ruled and run by the NWO Cabal and all
    are Goverment Politicians are just the Puppets being used to
    enacting the dirty works for the Cabal.
    All these Cabal Individual Members must and needing to
    all being found and hunted down where-ever they are all
    hiding a brought to justice and any politicians in the world
    who and whom are doing their biddings for them,
    People all over the World all needing to be all ” Awakening Up”- Please ”WAKE-UP” People. Rise-Up-lets all UNITE
    Together – As One and all Lets all take our Democracies- Freedoms-Free-Will’s-Free Speech-Liberties To Life – And our Rights
    – And Privileges all back from all these Totalitarian Regime
    of Dictatorships Crooked-Corrupt – Cowardly Politicians- .
    back to us all .
    We All Stand And Fight For ”NOTHING” Or We All Stand
    Together United As One And Fight For Something.

  2. With regard to your recommendation, while it might be possible to burst into the store, I very much doubt if you will then be allowed the buy any groceries, in the legal sense that you offer money and they accept the payment for the goods. They will close the tills, the store *will* call the police, you will be stuck inside the store and will need to “burst” back out before the police arrive. I don’t see that as a realistic strategy.

    1. Thankfully not all supermarkets are doing this. But when this becomes universal, the strategy I suggest will be one of three options: the other two being fleeing France or starving to death. Take your pick. It’s no time to be squeemish.

      1. Flee to where? Perhaps to one of the Visegrad countries — if they will take us — but Slovakia already seems to have been a bit over-zealous in its anti-covid measures. Perhaps time to brush up on Polish or Hungarian — unfortunately both difficult languages to learn.

        If buying, in the legal sense, becomes illegal, then we might still be able to use others to buy for us. A campaign of low-level counter-measures against the offending shops might also be necessary. For example, locks can be a two-edged sword. Given a person with a tube of superglue, or a small piece of broken-off paperclip, the lock becomes inoperable for everyone. This technique can be applied to more than shops, of course. And flat tyres are such an inconvenience, especially when it’s all four!

  3. As long as we still have access to bank accounts and credit cards the only realistic solution is to figure out how to order online or by phone. I know here there are several stores that deliver food, CVS and two local grocery stores. Online I have used Walmart and Amazon. Also Dollar Tree offers online services. I’m sure there are many many others, those are just the ones I’ve used. It’s not time to panic yet, there will be plenty of time for that later. I hate to bring it up or I’ll get blocked but God has promised to take care of us when the situation becomes truly impossible.

  4. Then there should be a co-operative that sets up an alternative way to sell products.These fools should lose business fast!

    1. That’s an excellent point. There’s a woman here who many years ago got cancer. She was only in her 30s. South Florida doctors refused to treat her saying it was all in her head. Finally she found someone to take her case seriously, she was cured. I know this because she lived across the street, but eventually she took her story to national media. Anyway, she got so fed up with the establishment she started her own outdoor farmers market that still comes here every weekend to sell fresh produce. The city lets them use the parking lot behind the municipal building. The produce is mostly organic.

  5. Go after the CEO’s, directors, shareholders of the super market with a law suit for discrimination. After all governments preach inclusivity.

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