The NWO Gestapo which are coming to your country soon…

Try counting all the lies these police say during this targeted harassment and false arrest.

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5 thoughts on “The NWO Gestapo which are coming to your country soon…”

  1. Australia was a great country at one time. A place I wanted to visit one day. No longer. I hope the people of Australia will be able to get their country back, because to me they live in a prison, since the cannot just drive out. The gentleman being targeted by the police is brave in doing this video and sharing. I hope his fellow citizens learn from it, as it looks like Australians are letting their freedom be trampled by their government.

    By the way, during the Vietnam conflict, I thank those Australians that fought in Vietnam in the side of the South Vietnamese. I thank those Australian veterans fir their service then and hope they are being supported by the Australian people.

    1. I spent 6 weeks in Australia in 1989 and found its people to be wonderfully friendly respectful. Never saw a police man harass anyone. Never saw any criminal activity. But this is what happens when you elect Masons to office and not Christians who are anti masonic.

      1. Brother Alexis, I agree with you. Had members of my family visit Australia in the early 1970’s. That is how I learned about going there. I was stationed in Vietnam at the time and could have done my R&R time there but duty prevented me from going then.

        I am afraid the changes in Australia is what is happening here in the USA and most of the world.

        There are two articles you posted that are must reads and shared by others:


        Also, from another link you posted, for those that still believe in God and in Mary’s messages to the people of God:

        Three things to do individually or as a group:

        1. Go to Mass,
        2. Go to confession at least once a month,
        3. Fast at least 1 or 2 times a week,
        4. Read scripture (Bible) and
        5. Pray the rosary daily.

        If all we are doing is complaining by commenting on the internet and nothing else, then as a country that is what we deserve and are getting.

        Thank you for your involvement and for keeping the website.


  2. Hi Rafael

    You offer some good advice, however they have taken away our Mass and our sacraments during lockdowns, which is state wide in NSW and Victoria. We are trying desperately to regain our freedoms which includes being able to freely worship God.

    The only thing left for us is: Fasting, reading scripture daily and praying the Rosary.

  3. Brother Bugnolo
    All politicians are Masons. That is why they are politicians. This exclusive club is not open to every one. The candidates projected to the electorate are never satisfactory. They only tell lies and half truths. We have to invert everything they say to catch any truth. How could a real Christian survive in such a club? We are told to distance our selves from corrupt things. This is the last political show on Earth, unless they change drastically!

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