Australia: Exclusive Embargoed Video of Melbourne Protest & Riot

To understand how bad it is in Australia, its useful to read this article, below, from a criminal defense attorney about the systematic abuse of authority and Covid penalties against innocent Australians (Cick image to read):

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9 thoughts on “Australia: Exclusive Embargoed Video of Melbourne Protest & Riot”

  1. Good video. Glad to see more and more waking up. The police seem very well equipped with full on riot gear purchased with the people’s taxes. Every time I see a video from the land of Oz, the cops are more heavily equipped.
    I would say that this isn’t going to end well for the powers-that-be. (They are clearly getting desperate for continued control)

    God Bless all the good lawyers out there helping people with unlawful fines around the world. So many lawyers are too scared to touch anything related to covid regulations.

    1. It all started when the Australians let the government take their guns away so “gun violence” would come down. Now only criminals and the government have guns.

      Since Australia is basically an Island continent, you cannot leave without having a COVID jab, therefore you are now slaves of your own government that you elected.

      Listen to or view this video no it tells you how it all started and how it is all proceeding according to plan:

      1. Perhaps with a private boat you could leave Australia by sailing to another Island nation near by….

      2. Actually, there are more gun owners in Australia than active duty military. There are over one million Aussies who own guns in a population roughly the size of California. The narrative about there being no guns is pushed by pro-gun advocates in the US, which is understandable but it’s inaccurate.

        What people are really calling for in Australia is an armed revolution against the police and military in a country where there has never been a revolution or civil war.

        Meanwhile, the US has been taken over in a communist coup at all levels of government; federal agencies and judges are corrupt; and there is an invasion taking place on the southern border… all while having the largest army on Earth, American gun owners.

        So… until Americans do something about their own mess it’s a bit rich to be waggling fingers at Australians.

        Lastly, getting permission to leave the penal colony of Australia isn’t dependent on the COVID jab. No citizen or permanent resident can leave without a permission slip (tyranny) but this ridiculousness isn’t dependent on the jab… yet. I know a lucky few that have left. I wish I was one of them.

  2. The truckers are organizing to shut the country down. One of our states, Queensland, has ‘ordained’ that all truckers from other states must have at least one jab in order to enter the state.

    They are having none of this… and have planned to shut the country down as far as commerce is concerned. This will be hard for some who are not prepared but please pray for the success of the embargo. Those of us fighting for freedom are thrilled that these men are standing up.

    God bless the truckers!

    1. Good! Something major needs to happen. Australia is a petri dish for what they want to do everywhere.
      People need to stock up on supplies. It’s becoming increasingly clear that peaceful marches are not going to help. All they do is send in the police and army, arrest people, give out large fines and laugh to themselves! Praying for you guys from across the ditch.

      1. The biggest rallies happen in Brisbane. I’ve been to every one. We’ve never had an arrest or any violence. The police have been decent, even friendly. This could change at any time. Every one of our marches gets bigger as people wake up and find their courage.

        Now that they are shooting rubber bullets at the protestors in Melbourne we can see their desperation. I pray every night for more to rise up against this darkness. We definitely appreciate prayers and support. Thank you.

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