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  1. It would make sense and follow the Marxist/Freemasonic strategy to have the opposition already controlled and in place before a genuine opposition movement based on the truth can get started. They have long term goals that involve “obedience” (not a Catholic understanding) and secrecy. It does not matter if 99% of what the controlled opposition is saying is truthful and good, the 1% can be deadly and the main reason for their control. With the controlled opposition put in place to protect Antipope Bergoglio, it is always the absurd position that no matter how awful he is, he is valid and must be accepted as a genuine pope and obeyed.

  2. Brother Alexis – During the 2020 scamdemic, I decided to check out the SSPX, hoping I could attend a normal Mass. One Novus Ordo priest warned me against the SSPX, but another Novus Ordo priest who also says the Traditional Latin Mass mentioned SSPX as an option.

    In September 2020, I attended Mass at a SSPX chapel. The good news is that no one was wearing masks by this time and it was a normal, reverent Mass. A regular told me that even when diocesan churches were closed earlier in 2020, the SSPX priest held Mass outside. She said people stayed in their cars and the SSPX priest, in a mask, distributed communion to them. It surprised me to hear that the priest wore a mask, but the regular said the SSPX complied with the lockdown requirements where possible so as not to attract attention from state authorities.

    What struck me wrong was the huge picture of antipope Bergoglio just inside the entrance to the chapel. I asked the regular, “Why do you have a picture of Bergoglio on the wall? I thought the SSPX broke away from the Novus Ordo church.” She answered, “Everyone thinks that, but we are in union with Pope Francis.”

    If SSPX is in union with Bergoglio, are they just a different flavor of Bergoglio’s antichurch (controlled opposition)?

    Another thing that struck me wrong is that after Mass, when everyone was standing around chatting, the priest showed an unusual interest in a toddler girl. He kept grabbing hold of her, even though she kept pulling away and hiding in her mother’s skirts to get away from him. I said to the priest, “I don’t think she’s interested in playing with you.” And he answered, “Oh, she’s just teasing,” and he kept on harassing the little girl. I had never personally witnessed a priest bothering a child before. This made me very uneasy.

    When deciding whether to go back to the SSPX chapel, I said to myself, “If a building had a picture of the devil on the wall, would I go into that building?” And I had to answer, “No.”

    Since I believe Bergoglio is an agent of the devil – and possibly possessed himself – I cannot return to the SSPX chapel as long as Bergoglio’s picture is hanging on the wall.

    1. I had a similar experience recently in the confessional, with a Latin Mass priest, pumping me relentlessly to discuss my entire life history when none of it even mattered because it was either prior to my conversion, or water under the bridge. It was astonishing. Finally I said to him, I do feel bad about having an unhappy childhood but under the circumstances it certainly wasn’t my fault. At that point he backed off. There was something fishy about it, not like he was trying to help in any way. It’s getting to be a dilemma without a solution.

  3. After reading Mr. Shannon’s account I remain unconvinced that Archbishop Lefebvre was a mason. Mr. Shannon’s claims rest on the hearsay statements of unknown individuals stating: (1) that the band leading the local procession was masonic; and (2) that Archbishop Lefebvre was a mason. Hearsay statements are considered unreliable as evidence in a court of law for various reasons, including issues such as: (1) the individual(s) making the initial claim is/are not available for cross-examination; (2) the person asserting what they heard may have misinterpreted or misunderstood the claim or statement made to him; (3) the initial claimant(s) may have malice or an agenda against the person accused of wrongdoing; (4) the initial claimant(s) may have misunderstood the situation or heard the information from other sources including unreliable sources. Even if the band, if it actually existed, was masonic, this does not prove that Archbishop Lefebvre was masonic. Furthermore, the village of Fatima was run by masons. Does that make the children of Fatima or their visions masonic?

    Apart from various problems with the “proofs” (more aptly called claims or allegations) offered by Mr. Shannon and TIA, the truth about an individual flows from their actions and fruits. The fruit of the SSPX is the preservation of the TLM — the Mass of the Ages that satan and the demons fear and despise.

    My own personal opinion is that Archbishop Lefebvre had kind eyes (I cannot say that about the current Antipope) and that he worked hard for the sake of the One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. He began the SSPX during retirement when he could have been relaxing and not becoming involved in post Vatican II intrigues and spiritual warfare. In my view these nefarious claims about Archbishop Lefebvre remain unfounded and belong in the trash heap of history. All great saints, and our own Lord Jesus Christ, have been subjected to slanderous false claims by the enemies of Christ and humanity (often through human agents — witting or unwitting). The devil’s tactic is always to accuse. Archbishop Lafebvre’s vindication will come through the fruits of his labour and according to the will of God.

  4. I don’t think Abp Lefebvre was a mason though I’ve no doubt there are some infiltrated into the SSPX today, priests from the SSPX have supported both the Francis is Pope thing and the vac, other SSPX priests have said no to the vac so like everywhere, there’s good and bad. The SSPX priests I have encountered have been excellent men of God. And yes they have apic of bergoglio as every Catholic Church does as that’s who Rome tell us is pope officially ATM.

  5. One thing I didn’t really grasp well… Was Lefebvre a legit bishop or not? If not, basically all of the 4 bishops and all their priests wouldn’t be legit. Anyway, long ago I left that club, it always felt somehow off.

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