Archbishop Lenga, on whether we should accept Traditionis Custodes?


By FromRome.Info’s Polish Correspondent

I am happy brothers and sisters that I can be among you this evening.
The questions are broad and deep. It is not possible to answer all in around one hour time but I will try to throw some light.
The truth is that Jesus Christ himself is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
Jesus himself was the first one among Jews who stood up against Scribes, Pharisees, Sanhedrin. Jesus objected to the high priests not because He was a rebel; Jesus Christ was not a rebel, as Liberation Theology tries to portray Him – a kind of Marxist, similar to Che Guevara, or Fidel Castro, etc. Nothing of the kind. He cannot be linked to them in any way.
Politics and religion have to be totally separated. Jesus Christ created His Church and sent the apostles like sheep to the wolves knowing that and telling them: go and teach all of the nations.
The apostles’ duty is to teach all of the nations by proclaiming the real knowledge (Gospel) they were given by Him. Whichever house you visit, if a man of peace lives there, greet him with The Peace, but not with your peace, not with the interpretation of Jesus Christ, not with the manipulation of Jesus Christ, but only with this what He proclaimed.“Let your yes, be yes & your no, be no”. Whatever comes over and above this, it is of the Devil. This is how it was over the centuries, this is how it has to be until today’s times, and this is how it will be until the end of times.
We can see in the history of the Church that there were always people who wanted to interpret Jesus Christ’s words in a different way and they were teaching His teaching in their own way. Hence the numerous heresies, schisms, of movements large and small.
And now to all that, the situation of all those faithful.. there are so many of them all over the world who grew in faith to come back to the roots (instead of being the branches or leaves served by the Protestant spirit in the modern Church). We want to get back to the true roots of our faith, reflecting the truth that Christ is the same yesterday, today and He shall be the same for ever. He does not change according to our caprices, or even the caprices of the greater or lesser hierarchy, since none of them can make up something different from what Jesus Christ told them to teach throughout the world.
When God speaks to the prophet Isaiah (who was God’s true prophet, unlike others who were false), and God tells him : “Go and speak what I told you. Don’t be afraid of anyone of them; when you start being afraid you will be filled with the fear of them, your word will become wicked and it won’t be able to convince them as to what is from God and what is merely human. Therefore my brothers and sisters, all the bishops, Bergoglio, Vatican, cardinals, are not constituted to proclaim something of their own making, but to only proclaim unchangeable teaching of Jesus Christ starting from the Apostles – until the end of the world. If someone doesn’t do that or tries to change the teaching of Jesus Christ, he will be subjected to a great punishment.
Jesus Christ was crucified because (as I said at the beginning) He had objected to the hypocrisy of the Scribes and Pharisees – whom I call poorly educated in the Holy Scriptures, as they didn’t preach the truth of Holy Scripture, but the teaching that was convenient for them in order not to upset their superiors. That’s the position of fear, of the liege-man, the servant and the brown-noser who tries to serve everyone, bending like a reed in the wind.
The priest should fulfil his ministry regardless of the political and the economic system in which he lives (whether a dictatorship, communism or democracy).
I reckon that there is no democracy in today’s world, it’s the dictatorship of democracy. And in the Church, not many preach the real Jesus Christ. Relativism, protestantism, modernism, progressivism and liberal values have been preached, that have nothing to do with the teaching of Jesus Christ.
God calls us to “be holy, as I am holy”. He calls every one of us, not rejecting anyone, even the lowliest. I also could be the worst one while not being aware of it. But I am aware of that possibility. The God calls us to follow Him and learn from Him as He is gentle and humble of heart. Christ, by becoming human, shows us how to fulfil God’s will to the end, even unto the Cross. This is the example Christ shows us. Whereas in today’s world the Church lowered the “standard of eternity” (sanctity) and talks about Christ as if he was merely a good uncle who can fit-in with the leftists and rightists, fascists and communists, and what, or whoever else. This kind of Argentinian Peronism is in today’s Church. That’s how Peron was when he talked with fascists and communist (AL gives an example here) which reflects the relativism in today’s Church. Jesus’ teachings should be preached and He should be given the glory He deserves. While the glory is stolen from Jesus by those who should give it to Him, and instead given to themselves. They should feed the lambs on the best pastures of the true teachings of Jesus.
This is missing today and I am not surprised, because (as I already said during my other talks long ago) when there would be a trial, when the bishops of the world could express opinions about Catholic Tradition, I could feel in my heart and spirit that the Tradition will be suppressed, and that we would become like the unwanted children of the stepmother. They have thrown us out to destruction, and now we have to be proving something, while really people who come back to the tradition want to be most faithful to Christ, to God, they want salvation. The entrance to Heaven is not by cheap means, but precisely by carrying the cross every day, and by imitating Jesus Christ, none else. We cannot be following Bergoglio or some bishops who proclaim fraudulent teaching, divergent from the one of Jesus Christ. When Jesus Christ was preaching He was rejected by the people, Jews rejected and crucified Him, and we can see until today that they don’t have the temple, priests or sacrifice, although they have wealth, gold and power, and they rule all over the world. They don’t have the God that they lost, while Jesus Christ came to them. We don’t judge Jews as the only ones who are guilty, because we crucified Christ too by our sins. But Christ came to the Jewish nation and He worked in that nation, the chosen nation. Today we must acknowledge that they lost that privileged position and they need to convert, and I say it strong. I love them and as a priest I can’t not say to them: convert, Jews because otherwise you will go to hell. Convert Freemasons, communists, fascists because otherwise you will go to hell; I say that to you from the honesty of my heart. That’s what God was saying and someone of humanity and love for you has to repeat that to you because if none will tell you that in human terms, God will withdraw. God is gentle, He comes to the hardened doors of our hearts and gently knocks. If someone has got open ears and heart and waits for Our Lord, that person will readily convert to Christ.
But we have our ears and hearts walled up by the sins of this world and we are ready for those sins to continue in our life and we reject Christ in the same way as did the hardened hearts of the Jews who were saying that it was better for The One to die in place of the whole nation. But Christ died and was resurrected. And now we are put to the test as Catholics. The Jews suffered so much and were scattered throughout the world and followed the whispers of Satan, mammon, the world, wealth and power, not God. But God cannot be bribed with gold or power. This is the wrong way, the way that leads to hell and Satan exploits it very well. He is more intelligent than any of us and knows what he has got to do. And he does it all through those to whom he gave power, gold, devious speech – as he did in the beginning, in Paradise when he tempted Eve and then, through her, Adam. The Devil never sleeps, he works 24 hours a day. We constantly sleep, go “from Annas to Caiaphas”, from one visionary to another. This way or that way we are running, looking for some salvation. Christ says: do not run astray. Don’t look for those people who try to tell you where Christ is and when He will come. Let us follow that faithful teaching that lasted until the second Vatican Council, and that teaching is the only truth. If today every bishop or priest should sign some declaration of faithfulness to the second Vatican Council because Bergoglio predicates that, then we (with our consciences, our eternity, our souls broken by it), we are carried away by violence and force; and bishops are actively complicit. There are not many bishops these days who fight for Christ and for the Church. If they fought they could be evicted, and others, the modernists who proclaim today’s trends, would be put in their place.
However, what they have inflicted on us in recent days doesn’t give us permission to resign from what is our most important duty in the Catholic Church. The Church hierarchy cannot unite the people by trivial means, signing some declarations and other concessions. Christ was tenacious. Not because He was a rebel, but because He knew what we need for our salvation. He gives us the best medicine for our souls and He Himself showed us how to do it.
Today the bishops and priests who present Christ are not speaking in the manner of those who speak as God commanded the prophet Isaiah : “Go, talk to them and do not fear”.
Even if they will punish you, don’t be afraid to speak what you should. Wherefore I am not scared to say it to anyone, I can repeat it to the whole world, I will repeat it to Bergoglio, and the whole curia. This is the Truth we all should live, we should be holy as God is holy and we should follow Christ as He followed God’s will. God’s will for everyone of us is to be holy and to be redeemed. Not just “healthy” (so the worms can just eat us after death), not just “healthy and strong” on the food we eat, full of the artificial fertilizers. That’s not our task. Today everyone says it, the world says it, the hierarchy says it- everyone wants to be healthy. But people still die, and they still get buried, do they not? They still bury them, don’t they? And we are also in the queue (for death). We think about health, and that the “vaccine” will confer it, and it will be fine, good and forever like this. Nothing of the sort. Those gimmicks, those cunning diabolic tricks have been in the world for centuries, up to our present times.
The Holy Scripture must be fulfilled. Eventually it will come time for the end, for the abomination of desolation. And when Tradition is being damaged, the damage to the Holy Mass becomes the final step, by either interfering with the substance of the bread and wine, or by damaging the words of the consecration. That interference is already deeply advanced. They are serving us already with trivia to make it seem like there is no need for confession, sacraments, living in the right marriage, everything is allowed, as everything is relative. Those things are preached by the bishops who, let’s say, don’t have much to do with Jesus Christ. When they will stand in front of Him they will be held accountable for their actions, lies and partaking in the evils that have infiltrated the Church.
The Catholic Church was established to show to the whole world where the world should go. Not the Government should be ruling the Church and telling it how many people should be in the Church, what they should do and how they should receive Holy Eucharist. Government is not for that- you guys engage in dealing with economics, business and all the other things so that the nation entrusted to you can have enough to eat, and you (government) leave to the Church which does not belong to you. You didn’t set up Catholic Church, Christ – True God and true Man, is the Founder of the Catholic Church, and every priest, bishop, every nun, and everyone of you who want to be the faithful, should be committed to Him. In the first place, the world is a different plane of being. The world in the majority goes along with the Devil. And the Devil rules through the people he gives power and wealth to, and makes them feel powerful. The Devil has many supporters here and they do with us what they want. But things have always been that way.
The one who wants to live in the Truth will suffer. The Truth, brothers and sisters, will set us free, not my words but of the Holy Scripture. But today we are being served with the lies from the right and left, from all sides.

Who endures until the end he will be redeemed.

We have not yet been called upon to shed our blood. They only frighten us and we have already shown the white flags, and we are surrendering with our hands up. If that’s how we are, Devil will get a huge harvest of us. Over 90% of Poles are baptised Catholics. And that is why Poland is the last bastion (of Catholicism), and why there is such huge attack on Poland by Satan, to over-power other nations.
Satan well understands where the threat to him is. The threat to him is the Tridentine Mass, when the priest is an Alter Christus, not a showman who stands, welcomes everyone and talks nonsense at the altar, or dances (and other folly). That is not priesthood, and not the Holy Mass, that’s not a serious concrete dealing with God. When we go to some bureaucrats with some business we are trembling, but when we go to God we just go and ask Him like a colleague: “give us” because we need something, and we think that God owes it to us. Nothing of the kind!
Only by carrying our own cross, only by imitating Jesus Christ can we get to Christ, there is no other way. Acquaintance with Christ is not the way to God, acquaintance with some bishop is not receiving the sacrament. Everything that has been worked out over the centuries in the Church needs to be followed properly, not only from the second Vatican Council, from which time the Church started to decline from the top to where it is now – almost at the bottom. We are today nearly on the floor. We surrendered to all, left and right, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Protestants (Luther is glorified), etc. We don’t have to reject anyone as God is the judge of every human but still we can not preach such a fraternity that Christ has never preached.
If Christ wanted to preach among Jews such a brotherhood he would unite Pharisees and Sadducees and Zealots, and other different ones. Christ didn’t do it, He removed them, He established His Church and said : go and teach all the nations. If this is not being done, that means that something is wrong and we should reflect carefully on what we should do.
The Tridentine Mass is the most important. All that after the second Vatican Council is the mixture of Protestantism, Judaeo-Christianity of some kind, and has nothing to do with what was before that Council, (nothing to do) with the wealth of the almost two thousand years of the Church’s legacy.
As we now hear Bergoglio saying that “the “Pope” suffers, that tradition divides the Church”. Why didn’t the “Pope” suffer that the Second Vatican Council divided the Church?? Old is damaged and the new cancer emerged that today spreads through the whole world. This cancer is not created by God and everyone of us will be accountable to God, sooner or later, everyone. I will too, that’s why I am not scared of the government, Church hierarchy, the secular one, or anyone else, because they won’t do anything to me until the time God allows them. That’s the truth. I am not against them, I am against their sins. But if they want to do something malicious to me then they’re depriving of one voice that speaks to their conscience (AL gives the Abram example of dealings with God).
If they damage everyone to create the silence, the crowd is going to perdition.

We have to get out of the system, out of this crowd that leads us like cattle to the slaughter and perdition. We have to get out of this and rise above to see from there what is going on. Only those who look from the heights can see what is happening in the world (like a military leader positioned to observe and know what is going on with his army, how to manage it and when to send help). But when we all fight in the heartless crowd which deprived itself of The Holy Spirit, we then dance the same procession, where there are many people, and it seems like a big group, while it’s only some individuals, some “crackpots” who believe otherwise. You’d better thank thank the “crackpots” that still remain, because they don’t have to preach it, they can just be saved. But God forces them in their hearts and souls to proclaim it, they have that duty.
But if you reject the Truth, then it’s a straight road to perdition brothers and sisters. All that Bergoglio said today is one more step in the direction of the destruction of the Catholic Church. Such a cancer that is anti-Catholic, not from Jesus Christ, but from men who consider that their own remedies are best for the people and the Catholic Church is now close to the edge. The true Catholics are on the margin, persecuted, ridiculed, and so forth.. you know too well what goes on among you in your towns, churches etc. Objecting to errant bishops and Bergoglio in this situation is worthy on the grounds that they do not have the right to detach us from our redemption and to serve us with perdition. No-one has the right to do that. And we should not be submissive subjects to to such a disservice. The mother or father can not say to the child: drink the poison, none can. As it was in United States in the past, when one of the sect’s (Jones Town massacre) leaders poisoned nearly a thousand people telling them: drink the poison, he (Jones) trained them to do that. We are today being subjected to the same training. We drink the poison of Protestantism and other “isms”, but we forgot Catholic faith, we don’t even really know it. They don’t teach it in seminaries, bishops don’t know it, Tradition is inconvenient for them because it disturbs their easy stroll through a life of pleasures. That’s why the Tradition is for them like salt in the eye, or on the wound, a cataract, it hinders them, that’s how it works. We have to be objecting to their dislike. Paul the apostle was taught by Christ. Although he used to be Saul who was faithful to the Pharisees and was persecuting Christians, especially those of Jewish origin, Christ converted him. When Paul sees that Peter, who Christ Himself chose to be the first Pope, was a bit confused (when he wanted to flatter Jews, (on matters of their religious practice like circumcision, dietary laws etc), then Paul the apostle strongly reproved him, he strongly objected to his face in public, he was not afraid to do that.

Saint Robert Bellarmine said that it’s worthy to object to the Pope if he doesn’t speak what he should. The Pope should keep the teaching of the doctrines of the Church that has existed over all time that has passed, not create the cancer that doesn’t serve our redemption.
I am objecting to him. I am objecting to him not because I am a rebel but because I want his soul to get to heaven. I pray for him, although sometimes I think to myself – it’s not worth it, because every step of his is just worse and worse, it just hits harder and stronger in the heart of the Church. But I hold on to that, saying to God – I can’t, but I have to, as I feel it in my heart. I am not scared of it, I speak my heart. Don’t be afraid, speak from your heart what you should, God is on your side. Like the Christ who spoke strong words, specific words. They tried to kill Him, marginalise Him, put Him on the black list”, but He was not scared as He knew what will of God he was carrying out.
We will all die, sooner or later, we can’t expect to know when. They will make us ill from “Covid”, they made it all up artificially, the world agenda standing behind it. And we know nothing about it and just blindly go towards destruction, because they say so. First they’re sending us for destruction, then they will send them – those who are now sending us. It will go from the “smallest” to the biggest and most faithful to them. I speak to everyone and to myself. It’s worth to object, resist, for eternal life, to take it by storm instead of sitting and waiting in pleasures saying “Alleluia”, while eating potato chips, drinking some beer, making a caricature of the Catholic Church. And all that comes from the highest hierarchy of the Church.
We have to resist, everyone from own position. I am not saying to go on the street and make a revolution. I am objecting to this and I speak of it. Who has ears and a Catholic nose, this one understands.
But whose ears are blocked and doesn’t have Catholic nose.. entschuldigung bitte (sorry please).

BREAKING: Jorge Mario Bergoglio to resign in December

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


According to highly reliable sources in the Vatican, Jorge Mario Bergoglio has expressed his decision to resign in December.  The news broke this morning in Rome, on the front page of the Libero Newspaper, in an article written by Antonio Socci.  The source cited is il Sismografo, the highly influential and authoritative blog which is published by anonymous members of the Secretary of State Department at the Vatican. While there is much speculation contain in the three page  article at the Libero, the substance of the news is simply and only that: a voluntary resignation for reasons of health on his 85th birthday.

Rumors have flown this way and that in recent days, here in Italy, as to whether Bergoglio has cancer of the colon, has had part of one of his feet amputated, or is dying of the effects of the Vaxx.

Above is a photo of the front page of the Libero newspaper.

If Bergoglio resigns, and the Cardinals call a Conclave, the confusion in the vatican might multiply from 2 to 3 claimants to the Papacy, like in 1046. The only thing I can say is God help us!

The Libero article, seen above, says, “might resign”, and the report from il Sismografo says that Bergoglio has expressed “a desire” to resign.  So the news is not as bright or dark, as it may seem.

+ + +

Pope Francis is ready to resign “because of health, not age”

The Vatican grapevine says: “A conclave is in the air”

By Antonio Socci

First published at Libero

23 August 2021

In the Vatican there is ever-more-insistent talk of a new conclave. Pope Francis is said to have revealed that he intends to resign. This coming December, among other things, he will turn 85, the age that Benedict XVI was when he resigned. But the reason for Bergoglio’s resignation would not be so much age as the state of his health, which came into the spotlight in a sudden and unforeseen way with the surgery he underwent on 4 July at Gemelli Hospital [in Rome]. Actually, it is said that it was not a planned procedure (it is said that even the Secretary of State Cardinal Parolin did not know about the hospitalization). Furthermore, it seems that the doctors at Gemelli wanted to keep the Pope in the hospital longer. For the media and the Vatican, the topic of the pope’s health has always been problematic. Among those criticizing the official Vatican communication in this affair was above all the website Il Sismografo which is always defined as “paravatican” because of its close ties to the Secretariat of State (it is definitely based on Bergoglian positions).


Already on 6 July, the director of Il Sismografo, Luis Badilla, wrote, “The information that one decides to amplify by means of the press must be extremely transparent and extremely authoritative. If one is talking about medical updates, the text must carry the signature of the doctor or the medical team, giving their full names; if several days of hospitalization are anticipated after colon surgery, clinical support must be given for such an affirmation. Journalists exist in order to ask questions and seek the greatest possible truth, not to simply act as microphone stands; otherwise, the real facts cannot be distinguished from journalistic hypotheses.”

The next day, in an article titled “Pope Francis does not need flattery in the press,” Badilla rejoiced at the good progress made by the Holy Father, but he added: “There is, however, a very significant detail that during these hours many people are underestimating, ignoring, or manipulating: the disease that has struck Pope Francis is severe and degenerative. It could also be chronic. Of course, the Holy Father will return to the Vatican to resume his journey in the footsteps of Peter, but he will never be the same again. All of the rhetoric about Jorge Mario Bergoglio as a superman damages his image and his charisma… He knows that he will have to greatly change his life: fatigue, rest, limits, nutrition, physical rehabilitative therapy.”

A month after the operation, Badilla noted that the press releases “on the health of the Pontiff” have always been issued by the Vatican Press Office and “they have never been signed by the doctors and by the Gemelli Clinic,” adding that “there remain some open questions that it has never been possible to the doctors who care for the Pope’s health, above all about the prognosis, which – although it is a question that is never addressed – remains confidential.” Many questions, about which the website Infovaticana published an article titled “The health of the Pope is not what they are saying.” The possibility that it may be health problems (which we all hope are not serious) leading the pope to consider resigning is more than probable.


Over the years, Pope Bergoglio has spoken several times in interviews about his possible resignation, but always as a hypothesis about a far-off future. Today it seems that it has become a present hypothesis. The first one to speak about “the air of a conclave” was a long-time Vatican journalist like Sandro Magister, who on 13 July titled his article on his widely followed blog as follows: “Conclave in View, Everyone Backing Away From Francis.” He did not focus on the pope’s health, although he was writing shortly after the operation, but rather he examined two “twin books” that just came out: La Chiesa Brucia [The Church is Burning] and Il Gregge Smarrito [The Lost Flock]. “Both books,” Magister noted, diagnose a poor state of health for the Church, with a marked deterioration during the present pontificate.” But “the books’ authors are not at all opponents of Pope Francis,” the Vaticanist added.

The first book was written by Andrea Riccardi, a Church historian and the founder of the Saint Egidio Community. The Pope listens closely to Riccardi, and often receives him in private audience. The Pope entrusted him – among other things – with the direction of the spectacular inter-religious summit presided over by Francis himself last 20 October [2020] in the Piazza del Campidoglio.

The second book was written by a brand-new association called “Essere Qui [Be Here]” led by 89-year-old Giuseppe De Rita, the founder of Censis [an economic research foundation] and “the dean of Italian sociologists,” as well as a progressive Catholic intellectual of the Montinian era. Already in the preceding weeks, strong criticism had come against Pope Bergoglio from the progressive-Catholic world due to some of his recent decisions. This gives the feeling that we are at the end of a season.

In his article, however, Magister, emphasized the repositioning that is currently under way, not only by Bergoglian intellectuals (to whom we could also add the media) but also by cardinals considered to be the closest ones to Francis: “The time has come to take distance from the reigning pope, if you aim to succeed him.” In fact, the general situation of the Church, which is dramatic, could also be driving the decision to resign: it is enough to recall the conflicts with the German and American episcopates (the two nations that give the most donations to the Vatican), the bleak statistics on religious practice and vocations in the past few years, the confusion that is spreading among the faithful concerning a hierarchy that seems too different with respect to the clear and authoritative Magisterium of the preceding popes; then there are the scandals, the dead end of the reform of the Curia, the trial currently underway in the Vatican, the doctrinal controversies…


 However – for a pope who has always been extremely active like Bergoglio – the problem of health has a huge impact. One week after the surgery, a long article was published in the Argentine daily La Nacion, which is close to the pope, about “the difficult questions raised by Francis’s advanced age.” The subtitle of the article explained that, after the surgery, there began to be talk of a possible resignation. According to the Argentine daily, “Vatican observers” believe “unanimously that Francis is not close to resigning,” but – we observe – this also happened on the eve of the resignation of Benedict XVI. “I can’t imagine Francis resigning as long as Benedict is still alive,” said Christopher Bellitto, a papal historian at Kean University in Union, New Jersey. “Having a pope emeritus already creates confusion. Having two would end up complicating the picture.” However, this question is beginning to be addressed in a “scientific” manner by canonists and theologians who seem to be preparing the ground for official provisions of the Holy See to precisely define the case record relative to the Petrine ministry after Benedict XVI resigned and called himself “pope emeritus” (an entirely new expression in the history of the Church).

The canonist Geraldina Boni has just published “a proposal of law, which is the fruit of collaboration [of experts] in canonical science, on the totally impeded Roman See and the resignation of the Pope” so that “the supreme legislator may draw out reasoned and well-argued ideas for the promulgation of legislation on these issues: norms that now seem urgent and cannot be postponed.” Why such an urgency after eight years in which the problem of the co-existence of two popes seemed to be ignored by everyone? Is it perhaps because there is a new conclave in the air? La Nacion, after having assured that Pope Francis is well and that he is not on the point of resigning, reports the thoughts of Alberto Melloni, a Church historian who is an intellectual symbol of progressive Catholicism. According to Melloni, the pontificate of Pope Francis has entered the final chapter: “When a pope gets old, we enter unknown and uncertain territory.” This does not mean, in his opinion, that Pope Bergoglio is necessarily on the eve of his resignation, but that popes now will no longer want to wait for a very advanced age and a state of poor health before resigning. According to Melloni, who sees the risk of the Vatican bureaucracy taking over, “if a pope wants to resign, he must find the right moment, before his weakness becomes too apparent.” And Francis, in the last few weeks, half-serious and half-joking, said to someone that next spring there could be a new pope.

By Antonio Socci

First published at Libero

23 August 2021

+ + +

Continuation of the Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Dr. Sanchez Saez, ordinary professor of jurisprudenze at the Unviersity of Seville has already reacted to the news, saying that such a decision would be a catastrophy if the Cardinals take it as an excuse to elect another Antipope.  Indeed, the decision to resign, rather than die in office might be an astute political decision to guarantee control of what happens during the succession, to prevent a restoration of Pope Benedict XVI. Click the image below to read the article in Spanish by Saez.

USA: Homeland Security is organized like the Phoenix Program to suppress popular Dissent

Mr. Valentine gives a lot of information about the Phoenix Program, but when you listen to him, remember he is involved in a disformation operation, by blaming Trump supporters for what the Deep State was planning and organizing. This interview was from 2016. — We can strongly suspect that the Globalists will use a Phoenix Program strategy to decapitate the leadership of the Resistance, world wide, in the next 12-36 months.

How Catholic Bishops of USA financed the flight of Nazi War Criminals to Argentina

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If you had not long ago written off the Catholic Bishops of the United States of America as complete hypocrites and frauds, if not enemies of the Faith and of the faithful, you can add to your files this report about Father John O’Grady and the role he played in their effort to assist Pius XII move Nazi War Criminals to Argentina. (He is the priest to the right in the Catholic Univ. of America Archive photo, featured above).

The story begins at the end of World War II, when Germany was doing all she could to ensure the survival of the Nazi political, scientific and technical hierarchies. I wrote about this in articles about the Rat Lines and showed the intimate role various members of the Catholic Clergy played in this.

I just published the  biography of Bernardino Nogara who was the Papal Agent for investments, who with the direction and agreement of Pius XII profiteered for the Vatican during the War from Nazi war activities. I have also reported with my colleague, Andrew J Baalman, how Pius XII struck a deal with the Skull and Bones Agent for CIA collaboration in the post World War II era.

In 1946, then, a year after this deal was struck with American Intelligence Operatives, Pius XII launched a call to assist War Refugees to relocate to South America. The only country able and ready to take them was, conveniently, Argentina, the very nation which was a close economic ally and supporter of the Nazi Regime, on account of its dominant German immigrant population.

To finance this, Pius XII asked and received full support from the Catholic Bishops of the United States of America, who raised $5 Million dollars for the effort.  These monies were then entrusted to Father John O’Grady, a life long socialist activist, who had been nurtured by the Americanists in the Catholic Church from the earliest years of his career.

Under his  name, in the first paragraph, you can find a link to his biography on Wikipedia. Here is another. And below is a page from the book, Pius XII, the Holocaust, and the Cold War, in the Chapter, “The Origin of the Vatican Rat Lines”, pp. 185-85, where you can read the story.