Bernardino Nogara: The Man whose life-history proves that Pius XI & Pius XII were nefarious traitors to Christ

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17 thoughts on “Bernardino Nogara: The Man whose life-history proves that Pius XI & Pius XII were nefarious traitors to Christ”

  1. Dear Brother Alexis,
    I don’t think Popes Pius XI and Pius XII were traitors to Christ or that we should judge them so. How can anyone know for sure that they were not betrayed or misinformed, or that certain advisors kept information from them?
    Cardinal Pacelli in 1933 wrote: I will fight this battle [against Communism and those who would dismantle the Faith] with all my strength within the Church as well as outside her, even if the forces of evil one day take advantage of my very person, my actions or my writings, just as today they attempt to distort the history of the Church. All the human heresies that alter the Word of God are made to seem like they are better than her.

    1. The war profiteering was done with the explicit decision and consent of Pius XII. Pius XI gave Nogara permission to invest without any regard to Church teaching. Both are grave violations of the moral law established by Our Lord. Thus objectively they must be regarded as traitors to Our Divine Master’s Magisterium.

      1. It’s hard to understand that Popes operate the keys of heaven and of hell. In this they stand wholly alone. It gets bad when like Francis they solely operate the keys of hell.. I am looking for a quote by Francis in his beginning to his Jesuits. To go and work in hell…

      2. The Popes as successors of St. Peter are entrusted with the Keys of Heaven, alone, not of Hell. Those of Hell are held by Christ alone, to Whom all judgement in Heaven and Earth has been given by the Eternal Father. The former are called the keys of St. Peter in the plural, because one is of knowledge and the other is of power.

    1. No, moral corruption does not eviscerate the legitimacy of one’s claim to an ecclesiastical office. Only heresy and schism and usurpation do.

  2. Fra Alexis, do you know anything about Pius XI’s condemnation (sellout) of the Christeros movement in Mexico? I heard that he was misinformed about the situation by the Mexican bishops, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was because of something else.

  3. Another very revealing post. The name of Cardinal GASPARRI (whom we now learn worked with Pacelli on the team to allegedly oversee Nogara under Pius XI) jumped out at me. Gasparri was a disciple of famed freemason Cardinal Rampolla (exposed extensively on this website), and we know pretty much authoritatively that Gasparri himself was indeed also a freemason. So now we see both Pius XI and XII (and certainly Benedict XV before them) working very much and unfetteredly side-by-side with freemasonry at some point (or many points) in their Roman tenure, at various levels of complicity and cooperation.

    I knew that Pius XI had a quite tarnished reign, as he was responsible for basically abandoning the Cristeros in Mexico to the slaughterhouse. But it is very painful to see that Pacelli was in so tight with the subversive elements of the Church and is certainly culpable in his complicity with Nogara.

    Can St. Pius X be the ONLY truly good pope in the 1900s??? And was there ever a Vatican Secretary of State in our last century that was not a freemason, except perhaps tainted Pacelli???

    Pacelli served in that very subverted (and mainly freemasonic) position, and while not known to be a freemason, it seems now that he certainly cooperated/collaborated with them in certain areas. He also gave us freemason, Holy-Mass-OBLITERATOR-in-Chief BUGNINI!!

    It is increasingly clear why Our Lady has repeatedly and extraordinarily come to warn, aid, console, guide and offer protections for us in the last 2 centuries. Otherwise, it would even more challenging (if not impossible) to truly love and stay truly faithful to the Catholic Church, the Bride of Christ, so infiltrated, so subverted, so betrayed, so attacked, so ECLIPSED, so decimated – particularly by those within her at the highest levels. Salva nos, O Maria!!

    1. Yes, I believe that St. Pius X was the only untarnished Pope of the 20th century, after Leo XIII. More and more information will come out to demonstrate this in years hence. Especially if we get a restorer Pope who spills the beans on all the others to as to help the faithful everywhere understand in what and by whom they were betrayed.

    2. Reading this is so enlightening and sad. Don’t the sedevacantist say the see has been vacant since their precious Pope Pius II left office? I always wondered how that was correct since he was the first Pope to approve of hypnosis. That always sat wrong with me, know I know why.

      When I read about how Pope Pius II’s body exploded, I always wondered how God could allow such a fate to befall such a Holy man’s body, knowing what we know about incorruptible bodies and the fragrance of sweetness known to imitate off some of them. I understand he wasn’t incorruptible and that it was a shoddy embalming technique but still what an undignified thing to happen to your body after death. Now I know.

      To hear about his betrayal of the Cristeros is even sader, just like Bergoglio’s betrayal of Chinese Catholics, but atleast they have the consolation of him being an antipope. Viva Christo Rey!

      Everything for the past 100 years since Fatima has be hurling towards this point. We truly are in the last of days.

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