8 thoughts on “The Globalists are now going for 100% Kill”

  1. At least the woman in the first part of this clip is honest about it, admits it’s all about the money, which is the same thing Dr. Martin has said.

    Among my educational credentials is technical financial market analysis. Without going into details, virtually everything going on technically has been a disaster waiting to happen for a very long time. Then comes the jab and voila, the resurrection of the dead. How long keeping the pharma index artificially propped up will save us from inevitable economic collapse is anyone’s guess. All of this could have been avoided if back in 2009 the powers that be hadn’t interfered with normal economic cycles, tried to play God in the first place, IMO.

  2. We already won, and ‘THEY’ don’t even know they lost, and later will burn in hell. I will not pray for them. They are beyond dust.

  3. What the turnaround event will be is the intervention of GOD.

    This will include the true, one, and only vicar of Christ who is presently POPE BENEDICT XVI and the CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA to the IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY in complete obedience at some, HOPEFULLY VERY SOON, point in salvation history.

    Let us all pray the daily ROSARY as we have been told by the MOTHER OF GOD and also wear the BROWN SCAPULAR.

    ONLY GOD CAN TURN THIS AROUND according to HIS PLAN to defeat satan and his EVIL minions.


    1. Amen to this! My belief really is that an event or series of events on the level of Fatima or even greater is bound to happen, that will finally rouse people up from their stupor into which their leaders — government, business, the military, even the Church with Francis at the helm — have lulled them.

  4. I agree with him: there seems to be a note of desperation recently with these globalist elites.
    That is why they are now threatening everyone to get jabbed or get fired.

    I am sure they know everyone who has taken the death jab in the Northern Hemisphere is going to start getting very sick and dying in the fall because of the experimental injection. There will be mass panic. In places like Alabama where the the vaccination percentage is only at 34% and so 2/3 of the population survive and are able to fight, it could get dangerous to these politicians who have pushed lie after lie.

    That is why I think they locked down Australia. I checked and they only have 24% injected. They obviously did not want antibody dependent enhancement to show up there before it does in this upcoming flu season in America and Europe.

    1. Remember, their crime is so great that they surely will not die in their beds if anyone survives, that is why they know they have to kill us all. This is Armageddon…

  5. @Joe McNeill

    I very much doubt if “they” are panicking. Everything suggests that this “Great Reset” has been decades in the planning and they will have gamed various scenarios. Clearly, the general thrust of the plan is to get needles into as many arms as quickly as possible and a bit of cajoling and mid-course correction is to be expected.

    Come the winter season, there is a chance of ADE / OAS occurring but it might not be as devastating as some are predicting. Alternatively, if it does kill and injure millions — or they create a synthetic crisis like they did last time — they might use the ensuing panic to push boosters onto the jabbed and force mandatory jabs onto the unwilling. It’ll probably be blamed on a new killer variant and/or the unvaxxed. However it plays out, iI’m sure it’ll have been game-planned that way.

    And when the Internet goes down (probably to be blamed on the Russians or Chinese) expect the atrocities to begin in earnest.

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