Dr. Vladimir Zelenko & Br. Alexis Bugnolo talk about How to resist the Globalist Terrorism Campaign

Br. Bugnolo: I ask all my readers to say a prayer for Dr. Zelenko, whose cancer has returned. Thank you!

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31 thoughts on “Dr. Vladimir Zelenko & Br. Alexis Bugnolo talk about How to resist the Globalist Terrorism Campaign”

  1. They want that temple re-built, is it being re-built and isn’t that where the Antichrist will make his speeches that Saint Hildegard talked about regarding him?

    1. Yes, the saints say the false messiah or antchrist will rebuild the temple so as to seduce many Jews.

    2. Isn’t the temple being built in the DNA of those who are taking the poison and changing the Temple of The Holy Ghost and image of God into a trans human . 5G will connect them to listen to the voice of The Antichrist.

    3. Me uno en Oración con todos ustedes desde Cali ,Colombia, Suramerica.Oremos por los ENFERMOS DE ALMA, ESPIRITU Y CUERPO. Que Nuestro Padre desde el Cielo nos envíe al ESPIRITU SANTO nos ilumine a todo, nos Fortalezca en LA FE, ORACIÓN Y CONSTANCIA DE SER VERDADEROS HIJOS Y SOLDADOS DE SU AMADO HIJO JESUCRISTO. Amén 🙏🏻🛐

  2. We duly pray for your intentions to St. Bartholomew, patron of medicine, physicians, and healing. He shares his August 24th feast day with a title of the Blessed Mother invoked for physical healing: Our Lady, Health of the Sick.

    “Dear Lord, we thank You for giving us St. Bartholomew as an example of holiness. Help us to imitate the devotion to You he showed in enduring torture and death for love of You.
    St. Bartholomew, you worked to preach the Gospel in many places and among many people who were hostile to the Christian Faith. Despite opposition and difficulties, you persevered in your work of service to God.
    Please persevere in bringing my petitions before the throne of God!
    When your work of preaching angered the brother of a newly Christian king, you suffered greatly on account of your Faith. Despite being skinned alive, you remained faithful.
    Pray for me, that I may remain faithful to God despite any sufferings I might face. Pray that I may endure all sufferings bravely, for the love of God.
    St. Bartholomew, pray for us!
    In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. “

  3. FYI, Hillary did ‘win’ the election, by fraud, God said he flipped the numbers back to the truth so Trump would win in 2016, the purpose being to give us a breather before all hell broke loose.

  4. Br. Bugnolo, I was an atheist up until about 6 months ago. I did believe in a higher, universal power though. The patriots I am following started showing the correlation between the bible and present times. That’s when I became a believer and hope I’m not too late 🙂 I only have a high school education and was a habitual tell-a-vision watcher, but I did realize this was a scamdemic in March of 2020. Growing up a rebel in the 60’s, I’ve always been very skeptical of the government. It blows my mind that so many are living in a stupor, especially the highly educated. I have learned so much about the state of affairs of our world these past 18 months; what a period of time to be alive! I thank you for being one of the “good” ones in this spiritual war we are in. May God bless you and keep you safe.

    1. Rita, ‘growing up a rebel in the 60s’, so you must be about my age. It is a miracle at any age to be granted the knowledge you now have, it is a gift from God. May God keep you safe as well. At our age it is a special blessing to finally see the light, I’m a convert, at age 50. And it is a very special blessing to find Br. B. No, it’s not too late for any of us. My mother finally came around her last 10 years, in her 80s.

    2. God bless you, Rita, and with God, it’s never too late to join His ranks!
      Know that you are called by Him and loved always.
      Keep the Faith by reading the Scriptures daily. He is The Way, The Trurh and The Life.

    3. Yes. Highly ‘educated’…but not taught.
      Perhaps not history, or they were given an alternative version, kinder and gentler, without the glaring, moral lessons.
      Ultimately tho, as our teachers here in this video stated, being close to God and just TALKING to Him without all the noise is totally clarifying and empowering. We know the plan and HE is with us. 🙂

  5. What a wonderful conversation between a practicing Jewish doctor and a practicing Catholic monk that all humans at this time of global covid fear need to listen to and make necessary changes in their lifestyle.

    Faith in God will displace all fear. Fear of man and faith in false gods (politicians, science, medicine, money, sex, power, etc) is what got humanity in this place. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Across the span of time, God has allowed global calamity to wake people up out of their spiritual coma.

    This covid scamdemic will end at such time when man returns to his true home as being and living as a child of God. God is and has always been in control. God will end this scamdemic when humanity returns to him, by living in truth, as He alone is the author of all truth.

    The beautiful story read by Dr. Zalenko of a pre-natal conversation of the twins inside the womb talking to each other as regards their future after their unbilical cords are cut is so revealing.

    I always wondered if and when a true world wide religious revival would occur, well covid19 is what God has allowed to bring humanity to a possibility for re-awakening. The “great reset” is a tool God has allowed to bring on suffering and tribulation that will undoubtedly bring many (but not all) back to a closer and deeper and truer relationship with their creator (aka great awakening). We all need to focus on Spiritual Health and bodily health will follow as per God’s will, as He alone decides when we we must go thru the birth canal (aka physical death) once again to hopefully have eternal life in Him. It is the second death, as regards our spiritual selves that we all must fear as God will decide where our eternal destiny will be (Heaven, Hell or Purgatory) that we should be concerned with.

    Truth will set us free, but first it will make you miserable, get over that, and do God’s will and follow His commandments and Heaven will be your destiny.

    Mark Twain said…. It is easier to fool people, then to convince them that they have been fooled. (This is due to the sin of pride: No I’m too smart to be snookered.) and he also said….If you don’t read the newpapers you are uninformed; but, if you do, you are misinformed.

    In these unprecedented and turbulent times we live in, most people desperately want to believe that the establishment is benevolent. No one wants to believe this global depopulation
    event is taking place.

    As Br. Bugnolo clearly states: it has been 18 months into this scamdemic, and we all need to wake up and individually say no to the vaxx and no to all the lies that these Satan inspired tyrants, politicians. governments, corporations, media, colleges, universities and doctors (not all) who have used fear to make us obedient to their sociopathic new world false government via technocracy and new world false religion as promoted by false pope Bergolio.

    If you are unaware, you most likely be unaware that you are unaware.

    However once you discover truth, and the author of all truth, you must will to then change your life as it has the power to wake you up, and stop what you have been doing and change your path. Many are slothful and do not want to wake up as it will cost them many inconveniences.

    Giving up inconveniences is a small price to pay when you consider just how long eternity is and being a Saint is a sure way to make sure you don’t go to Hell.

  6. Praying for Dr Zelenkov for healing and wholeness and for him to know the one true Messiah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth !

    1. I’ll second that. It must be the stress of the attacks that has brought back the cancer. Of all the experts bravely speaking up, I’d place this ‘simple’ family doctor near the top; he gives an astonishingly powerful testimony. May God bless Dr. Zelenko in every way.

    1. JP, this link has some kind of hoop to jump through–do you have one that doesn’t? Thanks for posting.

  7. By the way, the subject of the reported covid infestation in the southern US states came up in this discussion. I previously reported an article I read stating 10 states had hospitals at or near capacity. You did your own research and found a swath of states around the Gulf of Mexico, leading to possibility of deliberate contamination, possibly in hotel rooms. I tried to ignore it because we already discussed this but again just now yahoo is reporting covid deaths in Florida are going thru the roof. I don’t think they are spraying deliberately, more than the normal chemtrails of course, which are ongoing. What I do see is an influx of possible illegal immigrants. And a lot of them could possibly be piled up in hotel rooms around the Gulf of Mexico, at taxpayer expense. Whatever. I’ve been saying for some time now I no longer feel safe going out in public. At the moment the problem is not nationwide apparently but at the rate they are bringing people in from God knows where with who knows what the situation is going to go down hill fast.

  8. I really enjoyed the conversation between two intelligent, interesting & thought provoking men who enlighten our minds.

  9. Incredible talk, thank you Brother Bugnolo and Dr. Zelenko. Wishing you both health !! Be sure: you are highly respected by me for your honest words and sending out hope during those times of manipulation and betrayal.


    1. I meant the monument called Georgia Guidestones in Georgia USA.It has a puzzling 10 type commandments put up by Richard C Christian in 1980 and defines a world that is vague and with only 500,000,,000.It has been associated with world depopulation.

      1. It purports to be Christian, but I think it is both NWO and crypto-Masonic. It was hugely expensive, and the stone cutter who made and erected it said the person representing those who commissioned it refused to identify themselves.

  11. Great Discussion with the Doctor. I hope Brother B. and the good doctor can have another discussion. Dr. Z. is obviously not hostile to the one true Faith. I think it would be appropriate for Brother B. to mention Christ and inform the DR.; that all those books, rituals, etc., of the Old testament were for the coming of the Messiah. The Sacraments that Christ instituted are fountains of grace; sanctifying grace which could render the vax impotent. When St. Francis of Assisi was in the Holy land, he made sure to inform the followers of Islam their errors, their need to repent, and follow Our Lord. St. Francis Xavier in Asia did the same. The Treasure of the Faith is for the Jews also; Dr. Z. would be a wonderful convert and probably bring many with him to Christ and His Church.

  12. Brother Bugnolo, in answer to your question regarding other things that may mimic or contribute to an increase in Covid 19 symptoms, certainly it is possible for other things that deregulate iron resulting in an increase in hepcidin to cause someone to become more susceptible to a serious reaction from Covid 19, for example:




    I agree, since The Word Of Perfect Love Made Flesh Fulfills The Law, for the Fullness Of Love, Is Desiring Salvation For One’s Beloved, that “The Treasure of the Faith is for the Jews also; Dr. Z. would be a wonderful convert and probably bring many with him to Christ and His Church“.

  13. thank you for this conversation, the story of do you believe in mother is a thought i will hold to me. i will pray for both of you.

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