Afghanistan: Taliban is following strict Koranic teaching in kidnapping sex slaves and executing Christians

Where are those who said that the Taliban were not as evil as ISIS?

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5 thoughts on “Afghanistan: Taliban is following strict Koranic teaching in kidnapping sex slaves and executing Christians”

  1. Do you think there’s a chance the US military pulled out like they did because there is a threat of imminent attack on US soil? There must be a logical explanation for this. It’s absolutely stunning with all our high priced military no one is doing anything.

    1. No, the reason is purely this, that the game they have been playing to bilk the US treasury and create a suveillence state is no longer necessary. They have achieves their goals. It never was about afghanistan, the Taliban always were a CIA asset.

      1. Michael Yon on Twitter is following activity there in real time. He is a journalist reporting from Panama. I watched an interview with him yesterday. He is probably one of the best sources of information about the reality of the situation.

  2. This may make sense to you.

    “Could it be that this is all part of a long-term strategy to end the nation state in preparation for the global totalitarian model sometimes called the Great Reset by the Davos cabal? The 40 year history of the Afghan US war and the Afghani Pashtun who shaped the policy until today is revealing.

    “The fall of Afghanistan was not the result of an “intelligence failure” by the CIA or a military mis-calculation by Secretary Austin and the Pentagon. Both knew, as did Khalilzad, what they were doing. When Austin approved the secret dark-of-night abandonment of the strategic Bagram Airbase, largest US military base in Afghanistan, on July 4, without notifying the Kabul government, it made clear to the US-trained Afghan army that the US would give them no more air cover. The US even stopped paying them months ago, collapsing morale further.

    “This was no accident. It was all deliberate and Zalmay Khalilzad was central to all. In the 1980s his role helped create the 1996 Taliban takeover, in 2001 the Taliban destruction, and now in 2021 the Taliban restoration.

    “The real gainer in this insanity is the globalist agenda of so-called Davos “Great Reset” cabal who are using it to destroy the global influence of the United States, as Biden domestically destroys the economy from within. ”

    “The Afghanistan Debacle and “The Great Reset”. The Strategic Role of Zalmay Khalilzad” by F. William Engdahl .

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