Costa Rica: Catholic Priest suspended by Bishop for saying New Mass in Latin!

It’s clear from this report, that the only person who needs mental care is the Bishop, not this priest.

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9 thoughts on “Costa Rica: Catholic Priest suspended by Bishop for saying New Mass in Latin!”

  1. What’s not clear is whether the priest is allowing himself to be subjected to such abuse, or will he stand up against the crime being perpetrated against him. The Ordinary will pay dearly for such clericalism — sooner or later, here or hereafter.

    1. Alas, most priests, socially isolated and without funds and facing a career ending threat, buckle under and are psychologically destroyed. The order for this attack on this priest comes from the Masonic Lodges, without a doubt. This is how they destroyed all the good priests after the Council. I have known dozens of these. People often ask how I escaped persecution, it was only by realizing that the system was already too corrupt to trust even one inch, so I chose to become hermit and have nothing more to do with the dioceses. They are all corrupt institutionally. There are only now a few uncorrupted priests who remain because they did not seem threats or because they knew how to appear to not be a threat. The Bergoglian Church will soon rid itself of them, when it changes the words of the consecration and introduces adoration of Pachamama into the Mass.


  3. There has to be snitchers involved here, otherwise how can the Bishop know he’s celebrating the NO in Latin. The public must get involved in such cases which are on the rise. This Bishop has shown infidelity to the true Pope Benedict by not allowing SP in every parish throughout the world so why should anyone be loyal to him as his opinions don’t supercede papal authority. Soon these Bishops will be out of work as there will be a lack of parishioners to dictate to & consequently their incomes & lifestyles will change dramatically.

    1. Ana, as I’ve politely, or maybe not, tried to explain here, at least where I’m living in south Florida the parishoners appear to be THE problem. At least down here the priests are just catering to their audience. I’m not trying to judge, it’s become quite obvious over the past 20 years, the churches are treated as glorified country/social clubs, quasi nursing homes. The people expect to be entertained, and expect to be known intimately on a first name basis. As an outsider coming in for the first time I was ostracized by all but one member from day one. Anyone who disrupts the status quo is rejected.

      1. If the Bishop & priests of your diocese allowed this to happen then the onus is on them to dismantle the idea of the Church being a social club (there are other places to go for leisure) & inform the parishioners that they come to Church to worship God. The Protestants are well-known for making their services social events & this was allowed by false ecumenism to creep into the CC but must be abolished, just as ecumenical prayer meetings didn’t get off the ground as Catholics here weren’t interested.

        Our priest is a longtime friend of Cardinal Sarah & has good relations with PBXVI & isn’t so bothered about masks, leaving it up to oneself to decide. You can always receive HC on tongue & kneeling. He also wears traditional vestments

      2. I am new at this, okay. I’m not 100% defending the bishop here but I think he’s doing the best he can under the circumstances. Before I converted apparently he DID try to send a good holy priest here, by the time the locals got done with him last I heard he was out in the middle of the Everglades somewhere, frankly I don’t think he’s still alive. South Florida is like the wild west. There is no rule of law down here, in general. The hospitals were killing people long before covid. They have ways of dealing with ‘trouble makers’. Baker Act, forced psychiatric hospitalization, asset stripping, if one is lucky enough to survive. My prediction is this will become the norm across the country.

  4. According to the messages half the priests will stay half will go underground. Hard to tell right now which is which. Especially since they’re too scared to say a peep from the pulpit. On the other hand, the jab status is a telltale sign. I’ll be surprised if 50% go underground. They all seem pretty comfortable.

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