11 thoughts on “Pfizer now has 10 days to come clean on whats in its Vaxx”

    1. It is obvious that Peters is a long run into enemy territory to get the trump Faithful to return to Trump. The globalists will do anything to stay in control. Peters has totally discredited himself with such a comment.

  1. The lady states that Dr Malone in incorrect to say that the Pfizer/BioNTec is not fully approved.
    However, at a trial stage the batches of vials will have different concentrations and mixtures of ingredients. Once a safe and effective dosage regime has been established you can then talk about approval. It could never be possible to approve a drug whose content is unknown and variable. It would appear that now they have established a consistent product and are now ready to manufacture that product with full approval – Comirnaty. Pfizers BioNtec can still be administered under the emergency use though but not under full approval because its not the same product I presume? I am unclear as to why she states there is full approval for Pfizer BioNTec when it cannot be used under the category of full approval with all the legal ramifications. Will the NEW jab Comirnaty ever see the light of day? Was this nonsense approval simply an exercise in smoke and mirrors to push mandatory jabs with the existing poison?

  2. Interestingly, I have been reading through literature that discusses ADE, which causes respiratory distress. These papers are available and there are quite a few papers published.

    It would be worth your while assessing these.

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