Trying to make sense of Bergoglio while rejecting Canon 332…

Click the image above to see into what sort of pretzel knots those Catholics are willing to go, who insist that Bergoglio is the Pope, because they close their eyes totally to Canon 332.2 and accept the globalist narrative that Benedict XVI validly resigned, implicitly ignoring and rejecting the words of Christ our Master: Whatsoever you bind…. in regard to Canon 332.

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One thought on “Trying to make sense of Bergoglio while rejecting Canon 332…”

  1. They are blockheads. Since VII there has been a huge downturn in Catholic education following upon the false ecumenism that council promulgated. Our schools & universities became secular & even Marxist which slanted & twisted the content of Catholic Doctrine, Theology, Ethics, Canon Law etc. making out that Christ was just a good man of His day. His Deity not recognised (Francis & cronies) led to disbelief in Hell & the Abu Dhabi statement that all religions are the same & desired by God (if He exists) trashing EENS, a dogma of the OHCA Church.

    Even relatively good Catholics refused to examine the Canons governing papal resignations & elections. It can’t be solely down to the fact they are written in Latin, as was PBXVI’s invalid resignation. If they & our prelates had done so & questioned him about the discrepancies, the coup d’etat that followed could have been avoided.

    Anyhow, we are where we are & those who have paid a high price for following PBXVI will surely want to see this matter of a dual papacy & pope emeritus finally put to bed. It has put a huge demonic curse on the CC & its spirituality which must be lifted, preferably before either man dies.

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