11 thoughts on “USA: Marxist Takeover rolling forward fast”

  1. Americans are being distracted by critical race theory and Afghanistan. I’m not saying that both aren’t important but the reality is, while people are focused on these topics, Marx and Lenin are laughing in their graves at how easy it was to take over the USA. The Second Amendment is pretty useless if people aren’t even awake enough to see a coup happening right in front of their faces.


    1. Muy cierto nos están llevando a una BARCA DE SATANÁS LA DEL ANTICRISTO. Eso es la Teología de la Liberación. A un MARXISMO TOTALITARIO GLOBAL CONTRA LA IGLESIA CATÓLICA.

  3. I called AAA yesterday afternoon to discuss the situation. They said the roads are all still open, there are no restrictions traveling by car state to state. I got the house appraised in FL yesterday so I’m free to go. Brother B. I spoke with them about trying to get you out of there. It’s not looking good right now.

  4. Rep. Cawthorn, I think his name is, a freshman republican from NC, has formally sent documentation to VP Harris to have Biden removed under the 25th Amendment, mental incapacity.

  5. Today they are saying there’s a category 4 hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico headed towards Louisiana. The neighbors have been going berserk chopping down trees all afternoon, no rain or wind here, we’re not even in the cone. The really weird thing is it’s not showing up on my radar, I’ve been watching for two days. It looks like just normal rain bands. Any idea what they’re up to this time? Other than the usual propping up of the price of gasoline.

  6. Found a new video, ‘Manufactured Hurricanes to Relocate You, Cucker Tarlson Is a Shill’. Trying to pull it up, cell phone service is hardly working at all. There’s something fishy going on here. Moreso than usual. The last big storm they said was nothing, that one WAS real. It’s like we’re all totally on our own here. Now we have to learn how to forecast the weather too, since they don’t apparently want to tell us the truth about that either. Next thing ya know I’ll be installing barbed wire in the front yard to defend myself from terrorists. I already have wild pricker bushes all over the place, the message being, don’t even think about it.

  7. They’re forcing over 50,000 out of their homes, presumably into FEMA camps. And so it begins.

  8. Still watching the big ‘storm of the century’ on local weather radar for the Gulf of Mexico on my cell phone, there’s nothing there! A few normal bands of rain, that’s all. And a minor tropical weather pattern in the Gulf, again normal, that’s breaking up. I read yesterday the ‘storm target area’ of Louisiana has a very low vaxx rate. I wonder how many to the mandatory evacuees are either being forced to get the shot or being crammed into facilities tonight with others who are shedding spike proteins. This is getting insane, that they can force people out of their homes like this. Tomorrow is going to be really interesting, if MSM posts old hurricane pictures as current footage! No one is ever going to believe this is happening. Normally in a storm of this magnitude I’d be getting some outer bands here, there’s nothing going on, zilch! Oh yea, and I just read they
    relocated (released?) 1400 inmates from prison near New Orleans because if this. Can’t even make this stuff up.

  9. It’s 6am eastern time in the Gulf of Mexico. I’m still trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Normally ANY tropical storm you see red yellow and green on the radar indicating wind speed. There isn’t even any RED on the radar and they’re calling it a cat 4? That’s impossible. The wind speed map says maximum speed ~40, normal. The news says 140 mph. Nothing makes sense about this. I’m following videos, hourly, from a guy in the storm cone he is saying the same thing.

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