A Detailed Plan to end the Great Reset in your country

Reprinted from the Bulletin of

Ordo Militaris Catholicus HQ on Nov. 14, 2020:

You will not have any liberty unless to take steps to preserve it. And it doesn’t exist for the individual, unless it exists for the society,

A Free people who allow the insanely hypochondriac or evil globalist officials to rule over them will be killed and enslaved. Therefore it is a NATURAL RIGHT and 100% approved by the Creator to use all morally legitimate means, as those suggest below to remain FREE!


1) Acquire arms to defend yourself

2) Organize militia

3) Refuse all Scamdemic controls

4) Refuse the Vaccine

5) Recruit everyone willing


1) When your militia has sufficient numbers, visit your mayor and convince him to deputize you

2) Then arrest all govt officials and police in your town who serve the Scamdemic

3) Visit all businesses and announce end to controls

4) Fine anyone who wears a mask.


5) Form units to spread this liberty to adjacent towns

6) Take back your country town by town

7) Avoid violence

8) Keep Scamdemic promoting officials in jail

9) Place Scamdemic promoting institutions under quarantine

10) Shut down or convert Scamdemic promoting TV stations.

Be sure to:

1) dissolve your militia formations into crowds of citizens to hide when met with greater force

2) occupying forces are weakest after long periods of monotony

3) Form spy networks to get advanced intel about Scamdemic NWO forces


FINAL CONSIDERATIONS to be shared with potential recruits:

Avoid violence, but remember if you have to use violence, NWO forces are really on your side, once their command and control is compromised or taken out.

If the Scamdemic promoting Mayor of your town goes into hiding, he has effectively renounced his authority by admitting he serves higher powers not the people. Therefore, proclaim that he has resigned and call the people together for popular election. Propose Militia as officials.

Remember those who oppose the #Scamdemic in any country are 1000 more in number than the police and armed forces. The victory shall be the People’s!
Finally, do all of this without the internet or cellphones. Apart from the net they cannot know what you are doing locally. Place under hard lock-downs all who serve the NWO and who report to them.