10 thoughts on “Bill Gates’ Robot Clone malfunctions and tells the truth”

  1. I wasn’t going to say anything but since you brought it up. Mr. Gates is uneducated, number one. Number two, he did not make his fortune doing or creating anything. He made his money as most corporate overlords do, compensation stock options. Right around the time that Bill was cashing his in I coincidentally was working on a stock market research project, after my third or so degree in finance at NYU and Columbia, I was trying to figure out what really moved the markets. Much to my shock and amazement I watched almost every day Bill Gates personally cashing in millions upon millions of Microsoft stock options. Sucking Fed created fictitious money out of the fictionally inflated stock market. That’s the truth about how he made his fortune, which he’s now using as a weapon. He’s not a genius he is a criminal.

    1. He started by purchasing someone else’s
      Operating System (because he didn’t have one) and repackaging it as MS DOS. He did little or nothing to it. That’s what got Microsoft rolling. The contract with IBM started a lot of money flowing his way.

      1. MS DOS was a POS. I was working for IBM in a manufacturing facility in NY when all this went down. It was a huge strategic blunder on IBM’s part. At the time we were more focused on the big box businesses, processors and so forth. I’m retired IBM, have nothing but glowing favorable comments about my time with them but when it comes to this segment of the market I think we missed a huge opportunity. There’s blame to go around on both sides of this.

      2. It was not a blunder, it was planned, since the BBH Bank controlled IBM and thus wanted to use their investment to launch their pawn, Bill Gates.

      3. And that entire time I was on the phone every week with BBH. I think I’m going to throw up.

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