Br. Bugnolo criticized from the USA & Italy for Warning Humanity

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

That one makes a video is usually nothing newsworthy. And that one publishes it usually causes no response worthy of news. But that a video is not only shared round the world, but now is the topic of articles by others, is news worthy.

The video in question is my, “When the Flu Season Comes, the Chaos will begin” (see link below).

The first criticism was published on the highly influential Henry Makow Website

Some might think that “attack” is too strong of a word to describe this article about my video, but you can judge yourself by reading the post, by clicking the image below, how to describe it:

Comments on Henry Makow’s website also include the Trolls of Calumny who have been pursuing me ever since I contested Bergoglio as Pope or the Pandemic as a Scam. I am glad that they hate me for telling the truth, and they will continue to throw rubber balls which will bounce upon investigation. That these trolls found this article before even I knew of it may say something about who is behind the article or who asked that it be published. I really doubt that my never friendly trolls are Henry Makow readers.

The Second was a public appeal from a friend who could have called me on the phone

I would not call this an attack, since it was so polite. In sum, my friend asks me to take my video down, because he believes that what we need now is reassurance and things which calm the public.

He does criticize me for the video content, however. Yes, the French Virologist I quoted in the video did not say what he was attributed by me to have said. But I did not attribute to him those words, I merely cited what was attributed to him: a conclusion that other leading scientists have before and after themselves accepted or warned against, as the readers of FromRome.Info know by now.

But, my friend is responding not to my original video, but to this Italian subtitled excerpt, which I did not authorize and whose Italian translation I did not approve, which you can probably surmise by the fact that they have misspelled my surname:

And I do not mind that my friend did not call me. It is, he is correct to say, a public matter, and so he can publicly talk about it.  And actually, I appreciate the free publicity.

To this second appeal, I will respond by saying that in the Rule of St. Francis we are obliged to preach Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell.  And a lot of people find that shocking, but it is actually the greatest charity to warn all about the things to come.  I am sorry if my good friend does not understand that.

The Video

Meanwhile the video they are talking about (click here) has gone to over 200K views on FromeRome.Info and has been translated into French, Italian and Greek (on FB here) and probably other languages, all on the initiative of others without my knowledge. I would imagine that my video, in whole or part, world wide, in all versions has more than 1 million views already. And I hope by it that everyone prepares for the Apocalypse which is coming.

It is even being cited by Investment sites, who normally advise their readers about future economic risks. Here is one in French, which already has more than 32k reads, which has had the courtesy to transcribe and translate my talk, with an unapproved translation:

Here you can watch my original video and judge for yourself the value of what I say:

Finally, if you appreciate the work I do, help support me, if you can, because as a Franciscan hermit I live by alms, and my readers and fans are my only support. If not, please pray for me. I assure all my readers and donors in advance of my own prayers for them.

With Globalist Censorship growing daily, No one will ever know about the above article, if you do not share it.

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    1. You are brilliant and they loathe the truth. People need a voice like yours. May the Blessed Mother protect! Long Live Pope Benedict XVI!

  2. Dear Br. Alexis,
    God has truly blessed you with the courage and fortitude to speak truth and light into the darkness of corruption & lies which is the real plague of our day. Please keep revealing the truth!

    Thank you for reminding people all over the world (especially Catholics who should know better!) that Franciscans who are faithful to the Rule of the Order are not simply animal lovers, but are strong soldiers fighting for the promulgation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, crucified, died, and risen. As such, they willingly and lovingly preach on Death, Judgement, Heaven, and Hell so as to rebuild Christ’s Church, just as their beloved founder Saint Francis of Assisi promised he would do.
    Well done, good and faithful servant, Brother Alexis!

    May Our Lady keep you close to her Immaculate Heart, protecting you with her mantle of motherly love. Viva Cristo Rey!

  3. Brother B consider it an honor that you’re being scrutinized. We’re all behind you & your earthly mission.

  4. Bro Bugnolo …ur analysis is spot on
    Unfortunately the truth cannot be watered down any longer…
    We do await patiently another video analyzing the current situation n giv us an overview of wat u think cud happen over the next few months
    Once again ur efforts n insight is truly appreciated

  5. Thank you Bro Bugnolo for having the clarity and courage to speak the truth. Truth does have a certain ring to it, hence the expression “it rings true”. It resonates with souls who are willing to accept it. The world leaders seem to be in a desperate frenzy. May the Blessed Mary protect you.

  6. I stand with you Br. B, always because of your courage and faithfulness to the true Church.! I’m so happy to have found you. You have many fans on a Q website in the US ( where someone posted your video and I was blown away.

  7. So good information but how to defend my kids from restrictions like vacation they can’t go back continued university because they are not vaccinated. Thank you brother!!!

  8. Thank you Br. Bugnolo and many Blessings to you.
    I am an MD and Pharm.D. I have seen the lies from the beginning.
    One year ago I was guided to sell my medical practice and my home and move to a red state with more freedoms; I will be moving this fall.
    I pray each day for guidance and give thanks to God.
    My sister is a Ph.D. and works for a large drug company on the East coast. Her employer mandated the V; I told her not to give them her freedom. She says she needs her job and she loves her home and backyard pool. She and her family are atheists.
    I would not have given in; I said I would assist her and her family, to no avail. The devil is taking our families.
    I will continue to pray for guidance and wear the cross of Jesus around my neck.
    God Bless.

  9. Caro fra Alexis hai pienamente ragione, io ti dó tutto il mio sostegno, non ti curar di loro! Sto constatando che alcuni youtuber italiani hanno criticato il tuo video per i suoi contenuti, uno di questi youtuber lo conosci bene, hai fatto dei video assieme a lui, tale personaggio si sta rivelando sempre piú subdolo ed opportunista: ha osato pubblicare un video in cui confronta te con lo storico Massimo Viglione. Tutti questi personaggi sono accomunati dal sostenere mons. Viganó, il quale a sua volta sostiene il massone Trump, ossia la falsa opposizione voluta dal sistema. Ti accusano di terrorizzare le persone ma tu hai semplicemente prospettato uno scenario verosimile affinchè ci si possa preparare mentalmente e spiritualmente al peggio. La veritá non è politically correct, la veritá avvolte è amara, chi non è capace di accettarla, anche nella sua tragicitá, vuol dire che è un debole o un illuso. Dio ti benedica.

    1. Ormai, quelli che dicono la verità sono terroristi, e i veri terroristi ricevono tutti una busta paga dai globalisti…

  10. I found this part of Makow’s comment interesting:
    “Already, a number of POSITIVE discoveries have been noted concerning how to neutralize and detoxify some of the high tech poisons contained in the Covid Death Jabs. EXPECT more to follow in short order. And it wouldn’t hurt if a few more thinking people would devote some time to PRAYING for Divine Intervention to help speed up the process.”

    How does finding a cure for the damage caused by these evil shots stop further use of similar experimental liquids? I have never prayed for an AIDS vaccine for this very reason. I don’t pray for homosexuals to die, but I also don’t pray for them not to suffer the consequences of their sin. It is far better to be punished here.

    The poison Pfizer et al are shoving is really evil. It appears most people won’t wake up to it unless they pay a very heavy price. Makow wants no consequence, no cost, no price for murdering babies for the development of pharmaceuticals, in this case to cure a cold. I ache for the kids who are being injected, but they too must know how wicked we have become.

    Anyway, the truth is, unless people start to die in hordes, there is no end to the depravity men will embrace.

    1. While I certain hope man discovers cures for every diseases, nevertheless, to want religion or God to be instrumentalized to serve our desires for scientific or medical process is a sacrilege of inverting the moral order, since we should serve God, not God us.


    Saint Michael, the Archangel, defend Brother Bugnolo in battle. Be his protection against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, o prince of the Heavenly Host, by the POWER OF GOD, cast into Hell satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

  12. Dear Brother,
    Didn’t God say “ When you were bitten by the snakes to look up at the Bronze serpent…”
    Same way if we look up at the Cross and pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and other prayers God will heal our brothers and sisters who are been poisoned by the vaccine snake.Exorcice with the Cross and prayers.

    1. He did say that. But you cannot create a new promise from God on the basis of an old promise. That is now how it works. God has to reveal a specific cure. For this vaxx He has said nothing. He has said that the cure for world peace is the consecration of Russia, however. And He has said that the Horsemen of the Apocalypse WILL kill a third of humanity, and Our Lady at La Salette said that these will be Her Son’s Angels killing His enemies.

  13. It seems alot like the sheep and goats are being separated to me. People getting vaxxed now reveal very shallowness of a faith, especially in the resurrection of Christ. We have been living a disincarnate life of internet and any spirit that denies the incarnation, especially in the precious body and blood, is of the antichrist. When we choose light we choose the incarnate Christ, and will triumph over darkness with the blessed Mother and all the saints.

  14. Second what Mr. Fitzpatrick stated. Also stopped listening to Makow long ago, controlled opposition indeed and full blown
    admitted zio. Not to be taken seriously. Keep on the good work Brother!

  15. So sad world is now I and my 5 children living in UAE just today my 3 girls got massage that they can’t comeback to university continuing study because they are not vaccinated. Very sad but health and freedom more important. Thank you. Regards

  16. Keep speaking, Brother! I have seen your videos translated into Spanish and shared in private messenger groups which I belong to. When you reach groups like these, it means you’ve basically broken all of the globalist, masonic, censorship barriers possible and there is no stopping your voice. There is no doubt, the Angels and Saints are working overtime to get your content in the hands of the small faithful people.

  17. God bless you Brother Bugnolo. Thank you for speaking about those important issues. I am already retired, but I feel bad for all those, who need to work, and can’t do it without this poison. What’s most disturbing is that faithful can’t go to churches without it. How can they refuse people church, and Sacraments is beyond understanding. It is a great sin on their part. May Lord Jesus forgive them. They scandalize people they were called to serve.

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